The Nature’s Co Mango Body Butter Review

Product Purchased by IMBB

I bought this body butter for the winter season as my TBS body butter got over and I wanted to try something new. But could it impress me? Let’s find out!

The Nature's Co Mango Body Butter Review

INR 1295
Product Description:
Slather on our delicious, pulpy Mango body butter. It is rich in vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants. Its emollient properties help regenerate skin cells, restore elasticity, and act as a protectant against the sun. For a soft, nourished skin, apply this rich creamy butter onto skin daily. Massage slowly, allowing your skin to absorb the nutrients. Reapply as needed to rough or chapped areas. Enjoy the difference!

Key Ingredients:
Mango extract, Kokum butter, Vegetable Glycerin, olive oil.

My Experience with The Nature’s Co Mango Body Butter:

This body butter comes in a bulky tub packaging. I would not like to carry it around. The packaging was completely sealed. It carries product-related information, even a list of main ingredients. This is a mango variant but the cap is orange in color. Most products with mango in them come in yellow packaging, but this one is different. I am not a fan of this packaging because I have to dip my fingers into the tub.

The Nature's Co Mango Body Butter

I wanted to try out the mango variant because I love mangoes and miss them in winters, but this butter does not smell like mangoes to me. It is not a very pleasant fragrance but does not last long. It vanishes as soon as the butter gets absorbed by my skin.

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The butter is yellow in color; almost like a mango shake which contains more milk and less mango. It is not crazily thick in consistency. It can be easily spread on the skin and gets absorbed after a little massage. Once absorbed, it does not feel oily or greasy on the skin. In fact, it moisturises the skin really very well. I used it throughout the winters after taking a bath in the morning and didn’t ever have to reapply.

The Nature's Co Mango Body Butter texture

I like the fact that it contains a few natural ingredients to nourish the skin. But, isn’t it sad how this brand doesn’t mention the full ingredient list anywhere? I feel The Nature’s Co should reduce their price a bit. I would not buy most of their products even if I want to just because of the high price.

The Nature's Co Mango Body Butter swatch

Overall, I do not have much to say about this body butter. It does not give that mango feel or fragrance when you apply it. As a true beauty addict, I want my products to be an experience in themselves and this body butter is super basic. It just moisturises and that’s it. It cannot heal the skin, add health to it or make it radiant.

Pros of The Nature’s Co Mango Body Butter:

  • Leak-proof packaging.
  • Very moisturising.
  • Perfect for winters.
  • Contains some nourishing natural ingredients.

Cons of The Nature’s Co Mango Body Butter:

  • Does not smell like mango to me.
  • I do not like this tub packaging.
  • No full ingredients list.
  • Overpriced.
  • Takes time to get absorbed.

IMBB Rating:
Would I Repurchase/Recommend The Nature’s Co Mango Body Butter?
No, because the brand does not provide the full ingredient list. Also, I would prefer to buy TBS body butter for this price. I would not really recommend this body butter.

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