The Nature’s Co Vanilla Vitamin E Face Cream Review

The year is about to end and we will be entering into another New Year. Isn’t it so exciting, how fast time flies. So, what are your plans for the New Year? New resolutions are to be taken and I hope to abide by them seriously this year. I always say that, but by the year end, I am completely waived. Okay, now let’s come to the actual topic, today I am going to talk about my experience with The Nature’s Co. Vanilla Vitamin E cream. Recently, I had picked up a few products from The Nature’s Co and have liked them for their vegan nature. Now, was this one too up to the mark, let’s find out.



Rs. 895 for 50 ml with a shelf life of 2 years.

Packaging and Texture:

This one too comes in a cubic box like tub but the most interesting feature is its lid that closes at a different angle giving it a diamond-shaped look. The cream is pale white with a slight hint of brown (that’s because of the vanilla ingredient) and has a thick rich texture, but when I say rich, I do not mean greasy. The moment you open the lid, you get that strong whiff of vanilla (actual vanilla extracts like in vanilla essence).


Product Description:

Wear a youthful glow with this Vanilla Vitamin-E face cream. Vanilla Oil is an excellent antioxidant and relaxant while Vitamin E helps do away with dead skin while keeping the skin soft, supple and firm. Enriched with Natural oils, Vitamins and Butters, it helps enhance blood circulation in your face and restore freshness by lightening dark spots and reversing signs of ageing.

Directions For Use:

Smooth a small amount over clear, toned skin as needed using gentle upward strokes and see it take years off your face.


Vanilla, Almond Oil, Jojoba oil, Wheat germ oil, Vitamin-E, Coco butter, Kokum butter, Cream base, Aroma, Natural preservatives.

My Experience with The Nature’s Co Vanilla Vitamin E Face Cream:

First, my skin type, prior to use of this cream – dusky skin tone with dry areas around the mouth whilst the rest of the face was normal. Slight patches could be seen giving an uneven look. I have been using this cream for the past 2 months and feel that the time is right to give my views on the product. At first, I tried using it during summers, but then my face would perspire a lot (I face this problem during summers a lot and I am still looking for a solution), so I kept it for the winters.


Since winters started, I began using this cream after cleansing and toning in the morning and to my amazement, I haven’t felt more assured throughout the rest of the day. I dot my face with the cream and using light, upward strokes as directed, massage it in. It takes a few seconds to get absorbed completely, but after that, my skin doesn’t feel dry or parched throughout the day until I wash my face again. With regular use, my skin has felt soft and supple and it also lives up to its claim of lightening dark spots as it has also helped to even out my skin tone. Regarding signs of ageing, I cannot say anything yet unless I have tried it for a few more months for the actual effects to be clearly visible.


Travelling with a product this size might be difficult, so will have to transfer it into another container for the said purpose. The tub comes with an inner lid that avoids spillage, but getting the product out from the inner corners might be a hindrance because of its shape. I prefer to use a spatula to get the product out. A very small amount of the product is required every time and there is still half the amount remaining, so absolutely worth the price. I am definitely stocking it up for next winters and will look if I can find something for the summers too.


Summing up the negative and positive attributes of the product below:

Pros of The Nature’s Co Vanilla Vitamin E Face Cream:

  • Enriched with the goodness of vanilla oil and vitamin E.
  • Makes skin soft and supple while lightening dark spots.
  • Very small amount is required.
  • Hydrates and keeps the skin moisturized throughout the day.
  • Rich, non-greasy formula.
  • Made up of all natural ingredients.

Cons of The Nature’s Co Vanilla Vitamin E Face Cream:

  • The product packaging occupies a lot of space while travelling due to its shape.
  • Getting the product out from the inner corners might pose a problem.

Final Verdict:

I am really liking this cream in spite its shape (but no that’s not a problem, I like it that way) and would definitely repurchase it, my HG winter cream from now on and would certainly look out for something in their range for the summer season too.

IMBB Rating:


Happy New Year 2014 to all the readers. May the New Year bring in good health and prosperity to all of you. See you all in next year and don’t forget to rock the party tonight.

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  1. wooow lightens dark spots *woot* *woot* i think my mom might need this one but actually taking it out from the pot is a tedious job *cry*

  2. nice review.. *clap* *clap* i like its packaging and shape specially *drool* *drool* i think this will suit me perfectly as its non greasy and m having oily skin, *happydance* *happydance*

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