The Nature’s Co Vitamin Hair Conditioner Review

The Nature’s Co Vitamin Hair Conditioner Review

Hey all you Pretty Girls!

It’s always fun writing here, life feels incomplete without writing or commenting on IMBB 🙂  In the month of April, I had got a lot of products from The Nature’s Co.  I have been using all the Nature’s Co. products since May, and hence it’s a perfect time to review them! Today, I feel like reviewing their Vitamin Conditioner which is from their “Foressence” range.


Product Description:

Contains pro vitamin B5 that naturally thickens hair; Nourishes and strengthens scalp.  Treat your crowning glory to our Vitamin Conditioner. It contains Pro-Vitamin B5 that naturally thickens hair, gives it body and hold while it gently nourishes and strengthens your scalp. Apply it after shampooing and leave it on for 1 to 2 minutes. Rinse hair well with cold water for a shinier look. Because it’s natural and gentle, you can use it daily. Can be used with any of our shampoos.


Rs. 645 for 250 ml.

Shelf Life:

Shelf Life: 1.5 years.


Each 100 grams contains:
Pro-Vitamin B5 – 3%
Hydrolyzed wheat protein – 2%
Vegetable Glycerine – 5%
Cream Base, Aroma, Natural Preservatives Q.S

All the products are made using natural hill spring water.  I simply love the ingredient list, feels really nice thinking that it is all natural!


My Experience with The Nature’s Co Vitamin Hair Conditioner:

Like mentioned earlier, I have been using this on and off since May 2012. My hair type is combination with dry hair at the ends. Can get very dry in winters. So, overall, my hair needs oils and masks!

I had got 2 conditioners, one was Marigold (for Dry hair) and the Vitamin Conditioner (for Normal Hair).  I finished the Marigold one and did not like it at all. It did nothing to my hair. With the initial experience, I did not have hopes with this conditioner also, but then I had to finish it, hence started using it.

Herbal Conditioner 2

To my surprise, this conditioner does quite a decent job to my hair. It does not leave my hair silky soft, but it does give a healthy look and bounce to my hair.  As it does not contain silicones, I did not even expect it to give my hair the shine and silkiness that most conditioners do. I keep this conditioner for at least 5 minutes on my hair, as I feel natural ingredients need a good time to show results.  Once my hair has dried, I can feel and see a nice healthy softness. The look remains for 2 days, but after that my hair starts feeling dry again.

Herbal Conditioner 3

The consistency is a little runny as compared to normal cream conditioners; hence more quantity is required for my waist length hair. I think this bottle will last me around two-and-half months if I use it regularly. Also, while applying, you will not see it glide smoothly onto your hair, because of the lack of silicones I feel.


Natures Co. packaging is quite attractive. This comes in square transparent plastic container with a flip cap. The bottles are recyclable (I like that part!). It may not be travel friendly as the flip cap is not that tight, it might leak in your bag! The fragrance is mild herbalish smell, but very pleasant. In fact, I just recollected while typing this, that the SA pushed me to buy this conditioner purely boasting on the smell!

So overall, it is a good product for normal hair, but I will even say for dry hair, as this worked better than the conditioner that was meant for dry hair.

Let’s sum up the pros and cons:

Pros of The Nature’s Co Vitamin Hair Conditioner:

  • Amazing, all natural ingredients.
  • Does a good job in conditioning.
  • Gives hair a healthy feel and look.
  • No silicones, parabens.
  • Packaging is nice and attractive.
  • Awesome fragrance (happy nose! )
  • Definitely a good product to maintain hair’s health in the long run.

Cons of The Nature’s Co Vitamin Hair Conditioner:

  • Does not leave your hair silky and shiny.
  • Can be on the pricey side.
  • A lot of quantity is required because of the consistency or may be due to my hair type, hence will not last me long.

IMBB Rating:


Do I Recommend The Nature’s Co Vitamin Hair Conditioner?

Yes, I would recommend this to all those who are looking for a natural alternative. This does what it claims hence we can give the product a fair chance.

Will I Repurchase The Nature’s Co Vitamin Hair Conditioner?

Yes, I will keep this as an alternative conditioner to use once in a while. Also, I feel because of the goodness of the ingredients, we can add this in our DIY hair masks also.

Thank you all for reading, lots of love and luck.

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7 thoughts on “The Nature’s Co Vitamin Hair Conditioner Review

  1. Hi Vidhi…. Nice review 🙂
    I like TNC products too… and have the marigold conditioner with me… it is working very well for me … some how 😀

  2. Hey Vidhi .. i have to try nature’s Co. products .. will rember this one ..once i visit the store .. 🙂 thanks for sharing .. i love products with less chemicals and more of good natural stuff..heheh 🙂 the texture is soo nice and creamy ..heheh.. nice review 🙂

  3. Hey Sweta ya I had got Marigold one based on the ingredients only. But don know why it didn’t work! Glad it’s working for you:)

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