The Non-Touring Makeup Technique

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There have been numerous updates on the classic contouring technique. In today’s post, I will talk about one such makeup technique, the non-touring. Let’s get started!
The Non-Touring Makeup Technique

What exactly is non-touring?

• Non-touring is a new low-maintenance beauty trend that is making waves in the beauty industry. It is more daylight-friendly look which is apt for summer time. Instead of a heavy contoured look that requires tonnes of products and makeup skills, non-touring is very soft and is very simple to do as well.
• Non-touring is a very minimal contour that’s meant to highlight and illuminate your face and is all about dewy and glowy skin which is neither matte nor dry.

How to non-tour?

Non-touring consists of only three simple steps which are as follows-

Step 1- Use an illuminating primer
Illuminating Primers
You cannot have great looking makeup without a proper base. Choosing a good primer which has an illuminating effect is crucial for this technique. A primer will also help to minimize the appearance of pores, boost the skin’s radiance, and will also make it smooth

Step 2- Apply BB cream or a tinted moisturizer
Tinted Moisturizers
You need to layer your primer with a BB cream or a tinted moisturizer. The goal of non-touring is to create lighter coverage that allows your natural skin to breathe and shine through. You totally need to skip all the heavy coverage foundations for this one. You can use a concealer to spot treat any blemishes or redness around eye area.

Step 3- Highlight the light-reflecting areas of your face
highlighter for Non-Touring
Apply a cream or powder highlighter where the light naturally hits your face like cheekbones, bridge of your nose, Cupid’s bow to achieve a seamless and radiant effect. Use a fan brush to spread the product evenly on the face and make the highlighter look as natural as possible. You also need to make sure that you choose the right highlighter which is in accordance with your skin’s undertones otherwise it won’t look natural at all. If your skin is lighter, look for the one with frosty pink undertones so it doesn’t make your skin look orange. If your skin is warm or darker, pick a golden bronze highlighter.

Benefits of non-touring:

1. You are letting your skin breathe as you are not layering on too many products on your face unlike contouring.
2. Most of the makeup techniques needs mastering and not everyone can do it but this is an easy 3-step makeup technique which even a beginner can achieve.
3. This is also ideal for summer time as it makes your face sweat proof because of the usage of primer.
4. This technique lets you embrace your natural features with just 3-4 products.

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