The Perfect 7-Day Beauty Regimen to be Festive Season Ready

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The festive season is here and we all are dying to flaunt our new dresses, accessories and makeup tricks. But having a healthy and fit body is essential to look your stunning best. Here I share a week long guide to prep you up for the upcoming occasions.

diwali makeup

Day 1:

• Get up at 6 (okay, not everyone can do this), and drink a glass of lukewarm water with lemon and honey. Go for a brisk walk.
• Come back and take a bath. For your face, clean your skin with a gentle face wash as per your skin type, and use an alcohol free toner. Follow up with moisturizer and sunscreen. Wear light makeup.

skin care products

• If you are going out, do not forget to slip in your sunscreen in your bag and religiously reapply it every few hours. Don’t forget to carry an umbrella and your favorite sunglasses.
• After the long day, cleanse your skin with a homemade ubtan of besan, turmeric and milk, or maida and curd. These remedies can cleanse the pores and erase tan.
• Use this for your hands, feet and neck. Follow up with a moisturizer, hydrating cream or serum – whichever you like.

Day 2:

• After your lemon-honey water, do a bit of stretching (at least for 15 minutes). Then, cleanse your skin and apply a face pack (try a fruit pack and have a relaxing meditation session. This half an hour you devote to your skin and body would show marvelous results within few days.

fruit facial

• Sunscreen, umbrella and sunnies are your BFFs now, and do not forget them before going out.
• A touch of compact gives oil-control and extra protection, so that’s a necessity too.
• After you return, cleanse your skin with a face wash and do an at-home facial. You can choose from the wide array of facial kits available in the market. Try diamond, gold, silver or pearl facial for that added radiance
• While you have your mask on, remove any existing nail polish using an acetone-free remover. File your nails as per your choice. Scrub your hands using an apricot or coffee scrub. Wash off your face pack and apply olive oil or a Vitamin E rich cream to your hands liberally. As the cream gets absorbed, apply the base coat of clear nail paint.
• Before sleeping, use a nourishing cream or a brightening serum. Use an under eye cream or gel too if you have such concerns.

Day 3:

• Start your day with lemon water and go for a light jog. After returning, have some raw turmeric or amla in order to cleanse your body from within. (Don’t forget to wash your mouth to remove stains).
• Take a warm shower with a good shower gel and use a loofah to exfoliate. Shampoo your hair with a softening shampoo and follow it up with a good conditioner.
• Towel dry your hair, and do not use your blow dryer. Use a serum to detangle, if needed.
• After you return from your workplace or college, use an exfoliating scrub on your face and neck. Use steam to get rid of blackheads and whiteheads before scrubbing. Use a toner and moisturizer.
• Remove your old nail polish. Dip your feet in warm water with salt and mild shampoo. Use foot scrubber to remove dead cells. Apply a generous dollop of foot cream or body lotion. Apply base coat on your nails.

at home pedicure

• Sleep well after reading a good book or watching a rom-com. 😉

Day 4:

• After your lemon water, go for a run for 30 minutes and come back to do some stretches and sit-ups.  The workout will make your skin glow by making heart pump more blood.
• Use a homemade skin softener of curd, sugar and besan, flour or maida. A relaxing shower will further stimulate your senses.
• Go for some mid-week retail therapy to add that zing of confidence.
• Go to your favorite salon or beauty parlor, and get your eyebrows, upper lips and waxing done.

woman on facial hair removal threading procedure

• After such a long day, give yourself an invigorating head massage with a blend of oils like coconut, olive and almond. Add aromatic oils for that luxurious spa touch.
• Use a face mask sheet while you apply cooling aloe-vera gel to soothe irritated skin due to waxing.
• Before sleeping, use your favorite skin care goodies.

Day 5:

• Start your day with 20 surya namaskars and have your daily dose of lemon water.

surya namaskar woman

• Make your skin squeaky clean by using a good face wash and applying aloe vera gel to make up for the torture of previous day.
• Shampoo your oiled hair and use a leave-in conditioner. While bathing, use a cream based body wash to add moisture and nourishment.
• In the evening, try a 15 minutes meditation session and finally put on your desired nail paints (Ahh! Your nails have breathed for some time). Cleanse your face and use a massage cream or gel.

Day 6:

• Run lady run! Have 30 minutes running session and come back to do some sit-ups and stretches. Your body will already start showing results. A warm shower will flush out your toxins.
• In the evening, pamper yourself with a chocolate or fruit facial and follow up with a regular night cream or serum.

night serum

Day 7:

• After your lemon water, do 100 skips followed by 30 minutes of meditation.

lemon water

• Before bathing, apply a body scrubber or polisher on your body to remove dark patches from your back (you do want to wear that backless blouse, right?), knees, elbows etc.
• Use a nourishing body lotion.
• At night, use a tweezer to remove any new growth on your eyebrows, chin or upper lips.
• Wash your face and apply a brightening crème.

Important Points:

• Do not ever forget your sunscreen at any cost.
• Never sleep without removing makeup.
• Use good skin care products.
• Eat at least 2 fresh fruits a day.
• Avoid extremely oily food (as you might get breakouts and skin might look dull).
• Comb your hair before sleeping and use a satin pillowcase (they cause minimal hair breakage).
• Avoid stress and sleep well.
• Do not starve your body or skip meals. Eat healthy.

Tadaaaa! 7 days, and your skin and body will reward you for the love you showered them with. You are ready to make a stunning entry into any festive gathering now. 🙂

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  1. Loved it Ahana. It seems to be a great quick-fix for lazy girls who wanna look radiant. So excited for the festivities. Love all the lights and beauty around. 🙂

  2. Lovely post Ahana 🙂 Reading it itself can refresh one. Right time, right post, a much needed one. Enjoyed reading it! Will try to follow a couple of them 😛

  3. Love the 7 day regime. Mix and match can be done in this regime according to individual lifestyle I guess. I really like the way you start the fitness routine with mild exertion and take it along step by step. I’d like to add that most important part is going to be avoiding sweets loaded with sugar and other oily foods.

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