The Perfect Detox Plan to Get Radiant Skin This Wedding and Party Season

With the first innings of the festive season over, and the second innings just round the corner, your skin might feel overloaded. The constant use of makeup and cosmetics, plus the junk food and beverages could take a toll daily. The dry weather, harsh UV rays and pollution isn’t helping your skin either. Today I present you a comprehensive plan to detoxify your skin. It will heal the damage and prep you up for a radiant wedding & party season.

1. Start a daily dry brushing routine now
Brushing your dry body with a natural bristled brush helps in improving circulation and stimulating the lymphatic system to release toxins. It also reduces puffiness and cellulite, improves muscle tone, sloughs off dead skin cells and encourages cell renewal.
• Always brush in gentle, circular motions toward the heart, preferably in the morning before shower.
• After brushing, rub detoxifying oil (like sesame oil) all over the body and let it sink in for 5 minutes before showering.

2. Clean the skin daily with a detoxifying cleanser

It is very important to cleanse the impurities after daily brushing. Choose a cleanser that is natural, chemical free, and pH balanced. Avoid any harsh soaps, foaming cleansers or coarse scrubs.

Take a detoxifying bath 2 – 3 times per week. Soaking in a detoxifying bath a few times per week for 20 – 30 minutes can help clear pollutants clogged in the pores of your skin. The most popular kinds of detoxifying baths are:
• Epsom salt and ginger bath
• Epsom salt, sea salt, and sesame oil bath.
• Apple cider vinegar and Epsom salt bath

3. Apply a detoxifying clay mask 1 – 2 times per week

The Perfect Detox Plan to Get Radiant Skin This Wedding and Party Season1

The negative charge of natural clays, especially montmorillonite clay, helps to detoxify the skin by attracting the positive charge of the impurities and pulling them to the surface of your skin. You can apply the clay mask to your face only or all over your body, letting it dry for about 15 minutes before washing it off with a warm washcloth.

4. Apply products that fight damaging pollutants

Keep your detoxified skin clean and fight damage from free radicals by using products daily that protect the skin. In addition to applying a moisturizer with at least SPF 15 every day, dermatologists also suggest wearing serums that contain chelators underneath your daily moisturizer. Chelators are a class of ingredients that detoxify pollutant buildup on your skin and protect the skin from new damage.

5. Cut back on refined sugar

The Perfect Detox Plan to Get Radiant Skin This Wedding and Party Season3

Be mindful of sugars hiding in prepared foods. Avoid products that contain high fructose corn syrup used in sodas, flavored drinks, packaged breads and other snacks.

6. Choose meat and dairy products wisely

Having a protein-rich diet is important to detoxification, carefully choose products that do not use hormones. Opt for grain-fed beef and poultry and organic dairy products.

7. Opt for healthier fats

The Perfect Detox Plan to Get Radiant Skin This Wedding and Party Season2

For a detoxifying diet, ingest healthy fats which help the body absorb essential vitamins and restore or maintain an ideal hormone balance. Unhealthy fats, like saturated and trans fats, should be avoided.

8. Drink lots of water

Drinking water throughout the day is the key to flushing toxins from your skin and body. Drinking water keeps your body and your skin hydrated, keeps your complexion clear, and helps prevent wrinkles.

9. Eat lots of alkaline-rich fruits and vegetables

The Perfect Detox Plan to Get Radiant Skin This Wedding and Party Season7

Alkaline minerals like calcium, potassium, and magnesium keep our skin, hair, teeth, and bones healthy. If your diet is not balanced and contains too many acidic foods, body leaches off the alkaline minerals available. Eating more alkaline-rich foods will help restore this balance. Try including:
• Broccoli
• Kale
• Pears
• Apples
• Spinach
• Bananas

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  1. I am guilty of never trying dry brushing, even though have read so much about it. But will try for sure. I feel skin needs more exfoliation during winters, somehow. Also I totally agree with sugar point – it creates a huge difference when I eliminate sugar from my diet; it makes my hair and skin so much better.

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