theBalm Balm Voyage Makeup Palette Review

theBalm Balm Voyage Makeup Palette Review

Hello ladies,

theBalm is one of my favorite high-end makeup brands.  I love their regular blushes, Instain blushes and especially their palettes. I own 3 of theBalm palettes and love them all. Today, I am going to share with you my views on their holiday palette “Balm Voyage.” It is not a limited edition palette. This review is going to be picture heavy, so stay tuned.

theBalm Balm Voyage Makeup Palette

Product Description:

Take your look in whichever direction you desire with this season’s passport to instant glamour. Balm Voyage is a travel-friendly palette that contains 16 jet-setting shadows paired with 3 lip and cheek creams that stow away conveniently in your carry on. These luxuriously pigmented shadows have high visibility and can be used wet for an extended stay.


$42.50 , I got mine for $21 on 50% sale.

theBalm Balm Voyage Makeup Palette

My Take on theBalm Balm Voyage Makeup Palette:


There must be a creative team working on the package design on theBalm products. They have a theme for each palette and stick to that in cover design, naming the individual shades and even in picking up the shades. The theme of this palette is vacation.  It comes in a cardboard flip open package with two individual flip covers.  One for eye shadows and one at the bottom for lip and cheek stains.  I love that they have individual flip cover for eyeshadow and lip/cheek stain. That way we can avoid any eyeshadow fallout on the cream products.

theBalm Balm Voyage Makeup Palette

The inside of the top flip cover is designed like passport of a lady named “Anita Vacation.” It also houses a mirror with a girl’s face in background. So, whoever owns the palette and looks into the mirror is owner of the passport 🙂

theBalm Balm Voyage Makeup Palette

The inside of the lower flip cover has four boarding passes, each featuring 4 shades for creating different looks. They have named them like Smokey in Shanghai , Mauve in Montreal etc.,

The shadows are named like seating arrangements in an airplane and the 3 lip/cheek stains are named as Captain, First Officer and Second Officer. I can talk so much about their packaging, but take a look at the pictures, as they speak 1000 words each.



Texture of these shadows is really soft and buttery and in par with eye shadows from other theBalm palettes. They do not have any fallout.


All shadows have very good pigmentation and the intensity of each one can be built upon easily.

Staying Power:

The darker shades in the palette stay very well even without a primer than the lighter shades. I would anyway suggest using a primer under these shadows to prolong their wear time.

Shade Selection:


There is a wide variety of shades. Some neutral and some fun pop of colors and also they include a variety of finishes. If you are a person who loves experimenting with colors, this is a palette to look for. At the same time, this palette features some neutral shades (first row) and some basic shades (B3,C3, B1 etc).


Let’s see the shade breakup of 16 eye shadows first and then the 3 lip and cheek stains.

A4 – Black grey. Satin Finish.

B4 – Dark Brown. Satin Finish
C4 – Reddish brown with silver sparkles.
D4 – Dark olive green. Satin Finish.

theBalm Balm Voyage Makeup Palette

theBalm Balm Voyage Makeup Palette

A3 – Frosty Silver
B3 – Matte Grey
C3 – Matte Taupe
D3 – Beige-gold. Metallic finish

theBalm Balm Voyage Makeup Palette

theBalm Balm Voyage Makeup Palette

A2 – Dual tone purple with pinkish undertone. Frosted Finish
B2 – Dual tone light green with bluish undertone. Frosted finish
C2 – Dark Green. Matte finish
D2 – Satin Peach shade.

theBalm Balm Voyage Makeup Palette

theBalm Balm Voyage Makeup Palette

A1 – Pinkish Mauve. Frosted finish
B1 – Light Beige. Matte Finish
C1 – Light Yellow. Frosted finish
D1 – Yellow gold. Frosted finish

theBalm Balm Voyage Makeup Palette

theBalm Balm Voyage Makeup Palette

Lip and Cheek Stains:

Second Officer – Medium warm red.
First Officer – Peachy Coral
Captain – Classic rose

theBalm Balm Voyage Makeup Palette

All 3 lip and cheek stains look very pretty.  Second Officer and Captain look almost similar after applying. Captain looks a little more dewy than the Second Officer. First Officer is my favorite shade for cheeks.

I use the ELF small stipple brush to apply them on my cheeks. They are so pigmented that just a dab of the stipple brush gives enough product for one cheek. It does not feel oily or moist on cheeks, but has a dewy finish to it. You can always top it with a powder blush of same color family, if dewy cheeks are not your favorite thing. That way you can even prolong the wear time. Even with just the stain, they stay all day long on me.

On the lips, the stains accentuate even the smallest dry patch, need to have a perfect pout to use them on lips. Even if you have the perfectly exfoliated lips, they feel dry on lips. Using a lip balm underneath would help with dryness. I have very dry lips and I don’t see myself using them on lips very often, but I love them on cheeks.

Pros of theBalm Balm Voyage Makeup Palette:

  • Beautiful vintage style packaging and lovely theme.
  • Sleek design and travel friendly, would hardly take any space in your bag.
  • Double flap helps protect cream products from any eye shadow fallout.
  • A variety of shades and finishes give endless option, has some neutral shades and some fun pop of colors in a variety of finishes.
  • Has some unique dual tone shades like A2 (purple with pink undertone) and B2 (light green with blue undertone).
  • The lip and cheek stains are a stand out cheek product.
  • The lip and cheek stains give a pretty dewy finish without feeling oily or moist.
  • The lip and cheek stains have a great staying power on cheeks.

Cons of theBalm Balm Voyage Makeup Palette:

  • The lip and cheek stains are drying on lips. Applying a gloss or lip balm over it would solve the issue.
  • I wish they had included some useful brushes like the one in Nude Tude Palette.


Other than that, I do not have any complaint about this palette.

IMBB Rating:


Final Verdict:

This is not just an eye shadow palette. It also includes lip and cheek stains.  So, you can just travel just with this palette and some base product for face. This is definitely a nice palette to have in your collection.

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  1. Karpagam lovely review 🙂 I want to try theBalm too 😛 bur do you have any idea where I can buy them in India? 🙂

    1. It is not a limited edition palette Sonia. It was released during Christmas but they have it in their regular line *announce*

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