TheBalm Betty-Lou Manizer Review

TheBalm Betty-Lou Manizer Review

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Betty-Lou Manizer, with her sisters Cindy-Lou and Mary-Lou, makeup the trio of shimmery powders offered by TheBalm. I now own all three and I am surprised to discover that my favorite among them is Betty-Lou! She’s the bronze-y one.

TheBalm Betty-Lou Manizer

Product Description:

Fake it, don’t bake it! Before you head out to relish some well deserved sun, score a faux, sun-kissed glow with theBalm’s Betty-Lou Manizer. Betty-Lou is a silky smooth, all-in-one bronzing highlighter, shimmer and shadow.

TheBalm Betty-Lou Manizer


24 USD

First, let me break down these powders for you (with my own color descriptions).
Betty-Lou – shimmery GOLDEN BRONZE.
Cindy-Lou – shimmery PEACHY PINK.
Mary-Lou – shimmery PALE GOLD.

TheBalm Betty-Lou Manizer

TheBalm Betty-Lou Manizer

These can be used as highlighter, eyeshadow, and bronzer in the case of Betty-Lou, and as blush in the case of Cindy-Lou. I don’t use these on the eyes because I find them too shimmery as an eyeshadow. Betty-Lou, because of its bronzey shade – I use as a bronzey blush and and highlighter in one.

TheBalm Betty-Lou Manizer

Betty-Lou Manizer is a medium golden bronze with warm undertones and golden shimmer. It’s fantastic.  My skin tone is medium, yellow-toned, about NC 35 at MAC and I really like the warmth and bronzed glow it gives to my skin. It gives me a subtle, sun-kissed glow. It’s not over the top or fake-looking, and it doesn’t look orange, muddy, or too warm on me.

TheBalm Betty-Lou Manizer

I think that those with medium to dark, warm-toned skin who like shimmer would find this suitable as a highlighter, or as a bronzey blush, like I do. However, those with light or cool-toned skin might find it too dark or warm.  As an all-over face bronzer or for contouring, it’s too shimmery.

TheBalm Betty-Lou Manizer

The shimmer in it isn’t chunky, however, it is chock-full of it and can look quite shimmery up close, but in natural light and at a conversational distance, it’s really more of a glow. When I use these shimmery powders by TheBalm, my husband, without fail, tells me that I am “sparkly.” I will take that as a compliment. *Shrugs*

TheBalm Betty-Lou Manizer

The texture of it is fine, smooth, and blendable. It’s not dry, nor patchy on the skin. I like it better than the MAC MSFs that I have tried.  I do have to apply it with a light hand though and with a fan brush/duo fiber brush as it is so rich in pigmentation and shimmer that a careless tap on the pan can simply be too much on the cheeks.

This lasts several hours on my skin, which I’m satisfied with. It doesn’t oxidize or irritate my skin.  The packaging of course, since it’s TheBalm, is cute with a retro twist. The compact is sturdy with a big mirror inside that I find useful. It contains 8.5 grams of product, which will last forever for something so pigmented.

Pros of TheBalm Betty-Lou Manizer:

  • Rich in pigmentation and shimmer.
  • Gives a pretty, bronzey glow.
  • The shimmer isn’t chunky.
  • The powder is smooth and blendable.
  • Long-wearing.
  • Doesn’t irritate my skin.
  • Cute, sturdy packaging.
  • Contains a whole lot of product.
  • Affordability.

Cons of TheBalm Betty-Lou Manizer:

  • The color may be too warm or deep for fair skin tones.
  • Too shimmery as a bronzer/contour product.
  • Not for vegans as it contains carmine.
  • Needs a light touch and proper brush or it may end up looking too heavy.

Would I Repurchase TheBalm Betty-Lou Manizer?


IMBB Rating:


A very pretty, bronze shimmery powder that gives a nice, beachy glow to my NC35 skin; blendable and wears long. Contains a lot of product at an affordable price. I highly recommend it to those with tan or dark skin tones. For medium skin tones, don’t pass it by, it is SO worth checking out.

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11 thoughts on “TheBalm Betty-Lou Manizer Review

  1. Fab review Ida! And this is such a useful post coz you have shared all three shades…I always wondered what the fuss about the Lou-minizers was all about? Since I am still on my highlighter trip, I think Betty will go on my wish list! Thanks for this!

    1. Thanks, KK! I used to wonder what the fuss was all about too, before I tried them. 🙂 I like the choice of colors, the quality, and affordability of these.

  2. Hiii gals
    Where do u all buy high end make up in india
    Coz i stay in qatar n don get these products here
    Where wil i find in mumbai….plz help

  3. Hey gurl

    I just ordered this from Flipkart and got it yesterday. I think the color is just gorgeous. However, ever since I got this I have been thinking if I really got the authentic one 🙁 or did I just waste my money on a fake one :'( I did not like the smell of it, at all. Smells like some “naphthalene ball”, which has kinda made me more suspicious 😛 😉 😀 So, I just thought would ask you, how does it smell like 😛 lol


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