How To Get Thicker Eyebrows

So many gorgeous women across the world have thin eyebrows and they often feel how wonderful it would have been if they had thicker brows since those deep bows would have surely added to their beauty! Actually, thin eyebrows can be a product of the process of aging, chemotherapies, too much of eyebrow plucking or even genetic factors. No matter what the reason is, I am sure you would certainly love to have thick eyebrows since thick eyebrows are dark and look great when shaped in the proper manner. This article is for all you beautiful ladies who want to know the easiest ways of how to get thicker eyebrows.

How To Get Thicker Eyebrows – Treatments

    • Cosmetic eyebrow treatments- I am sure you have heard about hair transplants! Well, a cosmetic eyebrow treatment is quite akin to that. Cosmetic treatments are often very expensive and this may not be successful in the first place. But once your body accepts the implanted hair follicles, you are sure to gain the positive outcome. But this entire procedure can be painful!

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  • Topical eyebrow treatments- Topical solutions are available in markets to spur hair growth. However, the choice of topical solutions is not many when it comes to stimulating eyebrow hair growth (though there are countless ones that claim to spur the growth of hair on your head). Since availability might be a problem, this is not a viable option as far as growing eyebrows is concerned.

shape eyebrows with tweezers

How To Get Thicker Eyebrows – Home Remedies:

• Apply Vaseline petroleum jelly around your eyebrow area twice everyday (preferably in the morning and in the afternoon) as it is known to promote thicker growth of eyebrows. At night, apply olive oil on the areas where you want to grow your eyebrows and wash off next morning. Olive oil will make the whole process faster. Once you get the eyebrow of the desired growth, stop the application of both. (I must confess that I had come across this particular tip across the web world a few days back!)

shape eyebrows with tweezers

• Castor oil is also well-known for encouraging growth of hair. So, you can get hold of a bottle of castor oil, which is widely available in the market and apply some oil into the brows twice everyday. Keep up with the olive oil massage as well. Application of eyebrow conditioner and at times, whole milk on the brows also help.
• If blockage of hair follicles (on account of excess sebum) hinders the growth of your eyebrows, try applying pure aloe vera gel directly onto your brows.
• Taking multi-vitamins regularly aid the process. So, you can consult your doctor about it. You should also try to include in your diet food items which are rich in vitamins.

How To Get Thicker Eyebrows – Makeup Tips to Create an Illusion of Thick Eyebrows:

After an analysis of the eyebrows that you have, make up your mind regarding how thick you want them to look. After that, you should trace the natural shape of your brows. For a more natural look, go for an eyebrow pencil which is a shade lighter than the color of your hair, and apply it on the brows to improve the fullness as per your needs. After that, use a clear mascara to fluff up your eyebrows in outward and upward directions. Brush it slightly so that your brow looks less shaggy and more shapely. You must however remember that this makeup tip only helps to create an illusion of slightly thicker eyebrows. Hence, it is better that you keep your desires (as well as your eyebrow makeup) close to natural.

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  1. great article as always somreeta. i have pretty thick eyebrows so i dnt follow any regime for them. guess using a vaseline would be nice for regular care. thanks. 🙂

  2. I cannot thing about cosmetic treatment for eyebrows :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars:
    Soms. sometimes using oil I have seen eyebrow hairfall. is it common

    1. well….could be! as you know…anything of oil base doesnt suit my scalp, likewise, it could be for your brows :chewnails :chewnails in that case, you might try the aloe vera gel and you might add a bit of onion juice since onion juice is known to spur hair growth :))

      1. onion juice for hair growth, dint know it :)) wil try aloevera gel, its lying unused in some corner 😛
        but aadat se majboor, I am again goin 2 try castor oil.this post has tempted me to 😉

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  3. :woot: I will try some of these tips! And then I’ll also have nice,thick eyebrows. :preen: :preen:
    Thank you for this article,Somreeta! :shying: :puchhi:

  4. Somreeta…great tips :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: …..i have one doubt…can i use castor oil on babies to make their eyebrows thicker……

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