10 Things Brides Must Do 15 Days Before Wedding

Wedding is a big thing for any woman’s life and needs a lot of preparations. You start getting panic attacks and still you need to do a few things to keep the event hassle free. In this post, I will tell about 10 things that you must start doing 15 days before the wedding day no matter what. Follow these tips strictly and you will have a fail-proof marriage for sure.

1. Stop Eating Out

You must start following a healthy diet 1-2 months before the wedding. But stop taking any cheat meal 2 weeks before the wedding. This will help you to avoid stomach upsets, bloated stomach and also pimples and breakouts. If you have slow metabolism, eating wrong food can lead to weight gain in 15 days too. At this time, whenever you visit relatives and friends, they often insist you to eat sweets and snacks. Be strict about your diet and tell them to serve you fruits instead. This will help you to maintain a healthy body and glowing skin.

2. Wake Up Early

A lot needs to be done before your wedding. Instead of staying up till late at night, try to wake up early and finish your works. This will help you to manage the works better and also maintain a good health. You won’t feel tired and sluggish all time and your energy level will stay high all the time.

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3. Stay Away from Social Media

Stop telling all your friends about your shopping, preparations and would be relatives. These things will keep you hooked to facebook and whatsapp all the time and will damage your health and skin. You will sleep late and wake up with dark circles and sore body. You may also get breakouts due o all the radiations. You will be also late in doing the important works. Try to restrict your social media time for these 15 days. You can do all these once the wedding is over.

4. Work Out

Working out every day is important and you should not stop that before wedding. Try yoga or simple free hand exercises every day. This will keep you active and fit. Your digestion will be better, your skin will keep glowing and you will ready both physically and mentally for the big day ahead.

5. Stay Away from Accidents

Accidents happen suddenly and they are not always in our hands. But you must avoid certain things to minimize the chances. Do not run around on slippery floors to avoid falling down and getting hurt. Do not drink much without friends to celebrate to avoid a bad hang over. Try to stay safe and keep calm till the big day arrives. 😛

6. Keep Skin Care Emergencies Ready

You do not want a pimple to pop up or a rash to braek out just 2 weeks before the wedding. But sadly, these things happen and you need to be prepared for that. Keep stuffs like The Face Shop Dr. Belmeur Spot Patch Kit , Mario Badescu Drying Lotion handy as they help to remove the sudden breakouts in a day or two without leaving any scar. You can also use medicines like Deriva-CMS that helps to remove the acne and also lightens the scars. For sudden rashes, you can use medicines like Nadibact Plus. If things do not subside in a day or two, consult a doctor immediately.

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7. Do Not Experiment

Do not start using a new moisturizer or serum just 2 weeks before the wedding. New products may not suit the skin and you may end up with rashes and breakouts. If you want to use special products, run trials well in advance. If you want a special facial session at a salon before wedding, you must get the same one at least 5-6 months before the wedding. This will help you to check if the products suit your skin and also you will see the effects. Stick to your old, favorite skin acre regime and they won’t betray you before your special day.

8. Use Sheet Masks Daily

Give your skin the maximum dose of moisture in these 15 days. And nothing does that better than the serum infused sheet masks. Try to use one everyday for these 15 days. Your face will look soft, nourished and super hydrated.

9. Check and Recheck Everything

This is our last chance to check everything and avoid any last moment disaster. Check the fitting of your dress, check the timing with your makeup artist and everything else that needs reminder. Have a last meeting with your family members and marriage organizers. Make sure that everyone is aware of their responsibilities and everything is covered. Once you do this, everything will be taken care without any last moment confusion.

10. Complete all Packing

You must complete all packaging by this time. If you are planning to complete your honeymoon packaging after reaching your in-law’s place, you are doing it wrong. Time flies once the big day arrives and you must complete all organizations before that. Decide what to wear on which day in advance and pack things accordingly. Keep separate luggage for each case and also prepare an emergency kit that will include your medicines, tampons, band-aids, safety pins and little things that you may need in an emergency basis. This will help you to survive the time from your big day to your honeymoon in a hassle-free manner.

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