12 Things That Can Worsen Acne Situation

Acne is a common problem among teenagers and often adults also suffer from this. Although hormones, medications and several other things can cause the problem, there are a few factors that make the situation worse. In this post, we will tell you about 12 things that often worsen acne situation and it’s best to avoid them if you have acne-prone skin. When you avoid them, the acne situation is under control and your acne problem definitely gets better.

acne scrub

1. Pore Strips

The same thing is applicable for pore strips also. It probably removes white heads and blackheads, but the pulling action irritates the skin. Also, they may not pull out all the dirt from the pores and you will end up having semi-clogged pores that can cause breakouts.

2. Peel Off Masks

Peel off masks are easy, fun and convenient to use. They peel away the dirt, oil and grim and often unclog the pores, making the skin fresh and bright. But for someone with acne breakouts, peels of masks are strictly forbidden. The peels off masks irritate the skin by tugging and pulling it. It leads to more breakouts. Also, when applied on existing acnes, it can burst them often and the ugly scar remains.

3. Astringents

Alcohol based toners and astringents feel refreshing on the skin as they make the skin dry and matte. However, when you have acne issues, alcohol is not at all suitable for the skin. It can dry out the skin severely and make the condition worse. It is always better to use something that maintains the normal pH. Using rosewater is the best in these situations.

4. Harsh Scrubs

Scrubbing the skin is important and it removes the dead cells which finally help you to get smooth, clean skin. However, the harsh granules can be dangerous for your acne-prone skin. They irritate the skin, aggravate inflammations and tear the top of pimples. Try using milder variants or chemical peels instead. It is good to avoid scrubber completely when you have acne breakouts.

5. Oil-based makeup:

Avoid oil-based makeup because they clog pores and cause acne-causing bacteria to breed. Pick up water-based and oil-free makeup instead to prevent breakouts.

6. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is often used to remove makeup and dirt from face. But, stop using it as a oil-based cleanser regularly when you have acne issues. Coconut oil is comedogenic which means that it irritates the skin easily and causes breakouts. So, using it regularly can worsen the condition.

7. Drying Gels

Instant drying gels are great for days when you see a sudden breakout and want to get rid of it. But, using it repeatedly to suppress the recurring acnes is not a good practice. This does not solve the problem at all. Also, the skin becomes dry and flakey.

8. Picking the Acne

Well, this is bad and you probably know this even before your doctor mentioned this. Picking an acne will irritate the skin around. So when you pop an acne, you just enhance the chance of 3-4 more popping around the older one. Also, picking acne breaks the capillary and skin which leaves ugly scar. It is better to be patient and trust your doctor regarding the medicines.

9. Sugar

Sugar has high glycemic index like many other carbohydrate rich food items. This can cause inflammation in the skin and lead to more breakout. Staying away from sugar and processed food containing sugar can make huge difference to your skin.

10. Dairy Items:

When you have acne, it is better to avoid dairy products completely. Probably the pure dairy products have no relation with acne. But, what we get these days often contain hormonal residues as the animals go through hormonal treatments. These hormones can affect your hormonal balance and stimulate the acne breakouts.

11. Applying Toothpaste:

Some people suggest applying toothpaste on pimples in a bid to dry them out, but toothpaste remedy is not everyone. Toothpaste actually dries out the skin and irritates the skin by disturbing the pH balance of the skin. Even if some people swear by this remedy, it’s best to avoid toothpaste on the skin.

12. Sleeping without removing makeup:

It’s considered to be the biggest mistake – to sleep without taking down makeup at the end of the day. Not only can such an act cause pimples, it would fast forward the ageing process too. Make it a point to remove makeup, even if you are completely tired at the end of the day.


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