7 Things Causing your Skin To Breakout

A pimple here, a pimple there, next morning are there pimples everywhere? Sounds familiar to you? Alas ladies, this is something we all go through at some point in our lives and cannot do very much about it, except take precautions and follow remedies that shall give you a clear complexion. Till then read on to find out, 7 things that could be causing those little things to pop up unexpectedly.

1. Iphones, Samsungs, and all Other Phones That Touch your Cheeks:Well, I know for a fact, that we cannot live without these in today’s day and age. They are not just our phones, but our whole life (yes the social one too) is trapped in this little smart device. But the question remains, boon or bain? And no I am not going to be lecturing you all on the side effects of these inventions on human kind, but I shall use this moment to enlighten you on the side effects of it on your face. Our dirty, grimy hands (albeit subconsciously) are used on these gadgets and are pressed right against our faces. Dear oh Dear, need I say more? The germs don’t take much time to transfer on to your skin and create a skin threatening reaction and loads of acne. The best way to avoid this is, by cleaning your devices regularly with anti-bacterial wipes as well as use those ear phones- they are in the box for a reason.

7 Things Causing Your Skin To Breakout

2. Rapunzel, oh Rapunzel let down thy Hair: As much as we all love our long locks of joy, they are one of the main reasons for your unexpected breakouts. Letting our hair fall on our faces is one of the worst thing we can actually do to our skin. Why you ask? Well apart from the natural oils present in our strands that clog our pores, the accumulation of various hair products used on the hair are no less. Think the amount of clogging our skin has to endure due to both these factors. The best way to avoid this is through cleansing of your luscious locks with use of products containing salicylic acid.

3. Toothpaste:  Never in your wildest dreams would you have thought, that toothpaste could cause you to breakout. I mean, you have been using this to dry up those red pimples all of your teenage life. Well actually, sometimes toothpastes cause the adverse effect and all that fluoride and whitening products are the reason for those suckers on your chin. Swap your toothpaste for a non-fluoride one.

7 Things Causing Your Skin To Breakout

4. Unclean Bedsheets and pillowcases:  I cannot stress the importance of clean bed sheets, the naked eye does not realize it, but unclean bed sheets are the trigger to development of pimples on your face. You might be sleeping like a princess on your bed sheet, however, the dirt accumulated throughout the day or week, can clog your pores and result in breakouts. So get washing and changing.

5. Stress or over excitement :  Stress is a common one, is it not? But who would have thought excitement would have been another one to watch out for. Not me! Well it is proven and dermatologists have agreed too, our bodies read over excitement as stress and cause our hormones to go haywire and result in acne.

6. That water is Hard!:  Yes ladies, hard water is another trigger to watch out for. Water that is hard, makes it more difficult to wash away products as we take a shower. Residue of these products result in clogging of the pores and you can fill the rest yourself by now I think? Easiest precaution for this calamity is to fit a water softener in your system. Does not cost much!

7 Things Causing Your Skin To Breakout

7. Birth Control:  Proven to control period cramps and flow as well as save you from unexpected pregnancies, but these wonder pills can sometimes be the reason for those pimples. The hormones being pumped into your system with these pills, might not be going down well with your existing hormonal system, causing an imbalance and resulting in acne. Speak to your doctor and make some changes if you think you might be a victim to this.

Hope this post enlightened you, let me know below what causes you to breakout and what is the best way to avoid it!

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14 thoughts on “7 Things Causing your Skin To Breakout

  1. This is suuuuch a brilliant post raashi. Just got over with a recent breakout and actually the good ol’ toothpaste worked. hahha!! totally keeping all these in mind. Dint know that toothpaste could be a cause for breakout….

    1. Thank you Rati 🙂 So glad you enjoyed reading it! Certain sorts of toothpaste containing whitening agents and excess of fluoride are known to trigger acne.

  2. Quite a informative post 🙂 I knew about the pillow cases and bed sheet one, hair one and stress and over excitement one…coz every time that my exams are near, breakouts appear 🙁 rest I had no idea..thanks for the info 😀

    1. Thank you Kadambari! I know , these are many basic tips that most of us know, but tend to ignore. Glad this helped you 🙂

  3. awesome.. great job gal!!! cant agree more on all points especially over excitement and hard water issue.. I always observed that i develop more bumps a day before big festive/occassion days rather than normal ones.. 🙁 and for me both stress and excitement shows up on face first. will be more aware of toothpaste and phone things nw.. superb gal!!!

    1. For sure Purva! Let me know if you see any results 🙂 remember to be patient with it though and don’t stress, it shall only make it worse! x

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