20 Things Every Woman Should Have in her Purse

We women carry our entire world in our purses.  It’s unbelievable how much stuff I dig out of my purse when I clean it up at the end of every month.  Grocery bills, ATM receipts, safety pins, lip balms, and what not tumble out of my bag.  I would be devastated if I ever were to lose my bag, it has so many good stuff in there!   I was thinking about the essentials every woman should be carrying in her bag, actually it didn’t take much time to think, I just checked my bag and the list was ready 😛 You might be a working women or a carefree teenager, but these are some essentials that you just ought to have! If you don’t carry these things already in your bag, pick the stuff immediately, I say.

1.  Pepper Spray:  This is a must-must have.  Every woman, cutting across all strata of society, all ages, should carry a can of pepper spray in her bag.  Taking into account the unfortunate incidents against women that have happened in our country in the recent past, pepper spray for self defense is mandatory.  Carrying a pepper spray will always give you confidence to face any threat and keep you safe from all harm.

20 Things Every Woman Should Have in her Purse

2.  Hand Sanitizer:  I must confess, I carry two different hand sanitizers in my bag.  With so many germs around, hand sanitizer is a must have, especially if you are using public transport.

20 Things Every Woman Should Have in her Purse

3.  Elastic Hair Bands/Clutchers:  These come to your rescue when you just want to keep your hair off your face.  Keep a few elastic hair bands and one hair grasp in your bag always.

4.  Tampons/Pads:  Hide away one or two tampons/pads in the small zipper section of your bag.  Not only would these be helpful in an emergency, you can also give to someone who needs it.

5.  Post It:  It’s not possible to jot down everything on the phone.  If you just want to make a list, take down a phone number, or want to remember something useful, jot it down on the post it notes.  I always carry a small post-it note stack in my purse.

20 Things Every Woman Should Have in her Purse

6.  Pen:  You obviously need a pen to do the job mentioned above, isn’t it 😛

7.  Money/Wallet:  Well, I need not mention this, every woman would carry money/wallet in her purse, I am just emphasizing it.

20 Things Every Woman Should Have in her Purse

8.  Makeup Compact:  Carry a makeup compact with a good mirror to do touch-ups on the go.  If there’s a mirror in the compact, you wouldn’t need to carry a mirror separately.  Look fresh through the day with regular touchups.

20 Things Every Woman Should Have in her Purse

9.  Tic Tac/Mint gum/Orbit Mouth Freshener:  Bad breath is a major put off.  Sometimes when you are fasting, dieting, and keeping off food, your breath might smell really bad.  Keep a pack of tic tac, gum, or any mouth freshener that could give your breath much-needed freshness.  Also, after a meal, you would not want your friends to guess that you had Egg Foo Yung 😛

20 Things Every Woman Should Have in her Purse

10.  Lip Balm:  This is another thing I really didn’t have to mention.  You might already be carrying tonnes of lip balms already in your bag for soft, hydrated, and moisturized lips.

20 Things Every Woman Should Have in her Purse

11.  Face Tissues/Wet Tissues:  Keep both dry and wet face tissues with you to feel fresh on hot summer days.

20 Things Every Woman Should Have in her Purse

12.  Band Aid:  You would need them to cover up nasty pricks and shoe bites.

20 Things Every Woman Should Have in her Purse

13.  Small perfume bottle:  Keep those small sample perfume bottles that you get as “gift with purchase” in your bag.  Also, don’t forget to treat your bag to a few spritzes so that your bag keeps smelling great just like you.

Women's purse

14.  Mobile Phone:  Issued in public interest – always carry your mobile phone with you – no excuses.

15.  Eye Drops:  My eyes easily redden up after a dusty bike ride.  It’s a bit embarrassing when people ask you why your eyes are red 🙁 I carry two eye drops – Ikul and Itone – while Ikul treats inflammation instantly, Itone cools and soothes eyes).  Additionally, eye drops can reduce acne inflammation and reduce the size of pimples.

20 Things Every Woman Should Have in her Purse

16.  A small bag of medicines:  I carry a small silicone purse with medicines that I think would not only be useful to me but to others also.  Once when I was traveling, I fell really sick and someone offered me medicine without even asking.  I still remember that gesture and carry some essential medicines like Disprin for headache, Ondem to stop vomiting, paracetamol tablet for fever, etc. in my purse.

17.  Comb:  To tidy up hair, those with frizzy hair would understand the importance 😛

20 Things Every Woman Should Have in her Purse

18.  Ear phones:  To pass time if you are waiting endlessly for someone or to avoid a really boring person, plug in the earphones and play your favorite music on your phone or ipod.

19.  Makeup Pouch:  Keep a cute and small makeup pouch in your daily purse.  This pouch can be loaded with your neutral lipsticks, mascara, eyeliner, oil blotting paper, lip gloss, etc.

20 Things Every Woman Should Have in her Purse

20.  Portable Panic Alarm:  Such portable panic alarms can create high decibel sounds if you press them when in distress. These alarms are compact and available as key chains also.  A total must-have, if you don’t have one, get it asap.

What’s your must-have purse item, please do mention in the comments below, I would be happy to add it into my purse 😛

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33 thoughts on “20 Things Every Woman Should Have in her Purse

  1. Lovely post….I also carry few pills just incase I end up having a headache, toothpicks, and this might sound weird but I also carry some energy bars incase i go hungry *nails* *shy* *secret* 😀 *duh* I also think it is very imp for all girls to carry pepper spray..During the days I worked Pepper spray was a new concept and not many stores I had them and u wont believe what I carried….i carried a small ziplock pouch of red chilli powder, nd a swiss knife *scared* *secret* *whistle*

  2. It’s so true that every girl would feel so devastated if ever loose the bag. Once my bag got snatched and I was so upset because I lost my whole makeup kit which contained my favourite makeup products and ofcourse my Forever New bag… sob sob *headbang*

  3. Panic alarm is something new for me…will try to get it asap.apart from the things mentioned above i always carry a water bottle and an umbrella (being a pakka Mumbaikar)

  4. i have like 15 of the items listed! and i also carry:
    1.small bottle moisturiser – maybe its the travel or the a/c at office but i need to sometimes reapply moisturizer
    2.pocket torch- comes handy
    3.umbrella-mallu trait 😛
    5.how did u miss cellphone??!!

  5. Cute and fun post jomol! I carry a battery pack and my mobile’s cable as well. Sunglasses, business cards, tiny nail filer/buffer, tiny tube of moisturiser, pocket tissues/hankerchief, miniature bhagwad geeta and babaji’s photo, house keys, car keys etc..

  6. gr8 post jomol…..after reading this i checked my bag…..i do have majority of things and the ones that were missing are already being added *hifive* *hifive*

  7. Great article, Jomol! I carry most of the above in my bag at all times. I never leave the house without an umbrella, keys, a scarf, tissues, a snack like nuts or dried fruit, pads and an extra pair of undies, a tiny mirror, lip balm, money, my phone and pills for period pain. And when my bag is big enough, a water bottle 😀

  8. I’m gonna get a pepper spray asap 😀 started working so I definitely need it *secret* and everything else is in place 😀 but this panic alarm *shock* Telme where I can buy them Jomol *shy* I want it *shy*

  9. Lovely compilation Jomol! I hadn’t heard of portable panic alarms but I’ll definitely carry them now. I’d like to add that if you carry a phone, especially a smartphone, it eliminates the need to carry post-its as you can note down everything onto your phone!

  10. almost all things are there….. *thankyou*
    now a days includes my toddler stuff… 😀 😀
    but Panic alarm is something new to me , its such fantastic thing to have.
    am checking it online right away……….. *announce*

  11. Grt list jomo… Though I dont carry all of these iny bag…. My hubby still wonders… What do u girls carry so much in ur bags…. And if he ever goes through my bag… He is flabbergasted…. ” why do u need all these things” and just shakes his head… rofl rofl … They will never understand us girls

  12. nice article 🙂

    haven’t heard about panic alarm .. tell me more about it :O

    i keep everything mentioned above adding to that ….extra tee , instant energy food like chocolate or dry fruits , water bottle , mobile with charger , in a small pouch some first aid things like band-aid, vicks inhaler,pain relief spray

  13. FAB Post….its actually MY list too..can say same pinch *hifive* . That reminds me i’ve lost my tiny perfume bottle, can you tell me where can i get a new one?? Also a coin purse…do you guys keep it?, Goggles, nail-cutter, small scissor are there too in my list.
    Panic Alarm…new thing.

  14. I have 14 item from the list including pepper spray 😛
    addition to it handcream, face wash, a kajal , a small mirror , deo roll on *hihi*

    great post *clap*

  15. omg.. i need to refresh my list nw.. *specs* need to look for pepper spray and this alarm.. I will definitely recommend this alarm to all my relatives n frnds.. worth reading n sharing post jomol.. *jai ho* *clap* *clap*

  16. Thank you for this very useful post. Sometimes we carry far too much “stuff” around in our bags.
    I really like the purse you have here and wonder if you can tell me the brand. Thank you! *thankyou*

  17. portable charger/charger, a small moisturizer bottle, a small tube of sunscreen to reapply on arms and feet,business cards,sunglasses

  18. Yup..awesome post..
    But as being colg student I always carry my deo…some eatables..mostly chocolates..*that I munch in between the lectures* 😉 nailcutter..n one extra tees..2-3 handkerchiefs.. N one pocket diary..

  19. Loved the post. Nice listing i must say.. Adding my own belongings to it .. I always carry a mini bottle of water, an umbrella, a sunglass and one of my identity card incase i need it and also i carry with myself an extra shopping bag!! Sorry girls but i dont really like giving extra money for carry bags at malls 😛

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