Six Things That Every Woman Should Have

Hi Everyone, It all started when I got this package. A friend of mine sent me random beauty stuff and I couldn’t wait to open up the package. I got so many things and I would have never known that these things actually existed.  I mean I love makeup and fashion a lot, but for some reason, I didn’t ever look for these things. Now that I have them, I feel like everyone needs these things in their life, one day or the other, it might prove to be useful.

1. Feet Treats:

Feet Treats

The first thing is the ‘’feet treats.”  These are a pair of in-sole cushions for your high heels. I personally never tried it out before, but its supposed to make wearing your high heels very comfortable. Look at the print, isn’t that adorable? I think so!!

2.  Fancy Feet Non-Skids:

Fancy Feet

Also, for your high heels, there are “Fancy Feet Non Skids.”  They are supposed to protect outer soles from wear and tear and prevent new shoe slip-ups on all surfaces. This package actually includes four of these pads.

Six Things That Every Woman Should Have

3.  Bra Strap Extenders:

Bra Strap Extenders

Have you ever tried on your bra and noticed it doesn’t fit you anymore as good as it used to? I have the perfect solution for this. All you need is Bra Strap Extender. This is a must-have for all women. This package includes three bra straps extenders in different colors; Nude, Black, and White.

4.  Dress and Lingerie Tapes:

Dress and Lingerie Tapes

Do you have a dress that has a huge V neck and when you bend over everyone can see you your goodies? I personally don’t own anything like that, but to prevent anyone seeing everything, you can buy these Dress and Lingerie Tapes.  This is supposed to hold your dress in place and let you have a comfortable night-out. It comes with 6 straight tapes and six curved tapes.

5.  Silicone Nipple Concealers – Hollywood Breast Cover Ups:

Hollywood Coverups

The next thing is my favorite from all the products in this article. Its called “Hollywood Cover Ups.”  Basically, Silicone Nipple Concealers. Now, you may think what can you use this for. I personally would use this for my thin bras. If someone would come over unexpectedly, I will run in my room, grab these 2 Silicone Nipple Concealers and put them in my bra and everything will be fine or if you want to wear a dress or top without a bra this is very convenient for such situation.  You just put them on and you can sit very comfortably and enjoy your day.

6.  Style Solutions Wire Savers:

Wire Savers

Last but not the least are these cute heart-shaped pads called “Style Solutions Wire Savers.”  I’m pretty sure you have experienced that you bra leaves a mark on your shoulders and sometimes that can hurt. You can just take on of these pads and put it right under the bra strap or anywhere your bra is bothering you. On the packing it says, “Heart-shaped pads to place where your bra wires poke or cause discomfort.”

I feel like all these products are a must-have for each and every woman.

There is nothing negative to say about all these products and I want to know from you whether you knew that all these existed.  I hope you liked this article because I had a lot of fun writing it.

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57 thoughts on “Six Things That Every Woman Should Have

      1. Hey!

        Nipple concealers are very much common now in india. U cn find dem at all major malls n lingerie shops nywhre in metro cities lk delhi, mumbai,etc. :specs:

        Hope dat helps 😀

  1. Ive seen this at the lingerie shop here, they seem very intersting, but i know people who use the hollywood tape and its pretty long lasting until u start dancing lol

    1. ohh seriously ?? good to know omg it would be very embarrasing if i would start to dance and the tape doenst stick to my dress any more hahhaha. 😯 😯

  2. Sahar….thanks for this article…..I didn’t know half of these things existed :thanks: :thanks: :thanks: :thanks: :thanks: :thanks: :thanks: :thanks: :thanks:

  3. really neat article. I wasnt aware of the dress and the lingerie tapes. Shud hunt for them online. am defy not aware where i wud get them in Hyd. Do the nipple concealers work better than the padded bras? curious becos i’d rather buy these than wear padded bras.

    1. i mean if you want to wear a dress that has a v cut i would suggest wearing these nipple conealers. sometimes if you can see the bra from the back of the dress its not very ”proffessional” you know haha.

    1. yes go on ebay and type fashion tapes dress or type this on google and klick the shopping button. im sure you will them online . :toothygrin: :toothygrin:

  4. wow really interesting, though I knew these things existed but dint gv a try yet, gonna get a couple of them soon :thumbsup: , thanks for an awesome post :thanks:

  5. awesome article Sahar :thanks: just about day before I got these part feet gel cushions from Dr Scholl and they help prevent the burning pain in the balls of feet…awesome thing it is!!…I am yet to see bra strap extenders here, which I think will be very useful ..

  6. Hey!
    Sahar, dis is rlly good writeup n vry thoughtful too!

    Nipple concealers and lingerie tapes r used by all fashion models! these both items, spclly tapes r models’ life saving instruments.

    Hv attended major fashion shows n noticed at backstage dat models swear by these tapes n concealers :stars:

    Earlier dey were jus limited 2 fashion industry bt nw u cn find dem everywhere. My personal fav is Feet non-skid n feet treat! dey make killer heels so easy to carry :haanji:

  7. very nice post sahar………………me want that Dress and Lingerie Tapes :waaa: :waaa: :waaa: :waaa: :waaa: :waaa: :waaa: :waaa: :waaa: :waaa: :waaa: :waaa: :waaa: :waaa:

  8. very useful information sahar.Dint have a clue that some of these even existed. :stars: Thanks aruna for the quick link u passed on :teddy:

  9. I think none of those are available in India!!
    Im specially looking for feet treats and non skids since I’ve heard about them but no luck 🙁

  10. Hey 🙂 Great article ! This stuff is so useful !! 🙁 I really need those tapes and those cover ups too ! Will search for these asap!!!!! Wish I d found them before 🙂 🙂 :rose: :rose: Awesome ! I wish i cud find them in a shop tho 🙁

  11. :thanks: soo much for this post,dear! Honestly…I need to pay attention to some of these things….like the dress and lingerie tapes. :waiting:
    I ought to start searching for ll of these things. Definitely must haves,as you said. :haanji: :jog:

  12. I have an exam at 9 am tomorrow and I planned to wake up at 6 to revise a little (I’m the nerdy kind).I’d been avoiding IMBB due to last-minute slog sessions but then, tired brain brought me to IMBB and then I read this AMAZING post! Thankee, Sahar! :thanks: :toothygrin: These things are super awesome. I especially love the bra wire savers. :inlove: Bra straps can be so cruel sometimes. :(( I’m gonna hunt for all these. :woot: :woot:
    And I think I may need to lock up my laptop and throw away the key because I have a terrible urge to browse through the rest of the site to see what other awesome posts I have not yet read. 😮 😮 Must. Run. Away. :jog:

  13. I so need those nipple concealers!! I like wearing plain T-Shirts but I don’t like wearing extremely padded bras. Could anyone please tell me where I could find these in Hyderabad?

  14. You will get this silicone concealers at LI BIJOU at hill road, bandra, mumbai. Thats very small but good shop for all these things. 🙂

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