6 Things Girls with Curly Hair Should Stop Doing

Hello pretty ladies!
Hope you all doing great. Girls with curly hair are seriously blessed and I really wish I had that too. Well, I am not as unhappy with my hair as I have naturally wavy hair of good quality. Touchwood. So today I am here to share some tips and things that girls with curly hair should immediately stop doing.

Girls with Curly Hair Should Stop Doing

Don’t ever use a brush:

Curly hairs women often face problems of hair fall as curly hair shaft has bends in it which makes it more susceptible for breakage. So using a hair brush for detangling or even just brushing can make a lot of hairs fall. So instead always use a wide tooth comb for brush and a close bristle comb for styling instead of a hair brush. Also avoid stretching or forcefully drying the hair when wet.

Avoid shampoo’s with sulphates:

Avoid using conventional shampoos as they contain sulphates and these foaming shampoos are harsh and they dehydrate the scalp and rip away all the scalp oils. As your curly hair require natural oils to maintain those lovely soft curls and bounce in your hair. Many people suggest using a cleansing conditioner instead of harsh shampoos as they are specially designed for women with curly hair.

how to comb curly hair

Make coconut,shea and jojoba containing products your best friend:

There is no point in suggesting staying away from styling products and tools, because I understand we cannot really do that. So there is nothing bad in making curling creams and detangling serums and leave-in’s your best friend but you need to make sure that these products are highly moisturizing as they contain Shea butter, jojoba oil and also coconut oil as they are best for stimulating scalp cells. Also I do not suggest using products that are highly nourishing as when I started using l’oreal shampoo, the yellow one which is highly moisturizing and contains nourishment oils like these only, I started having oily scalp and dirty hair exactly after 1 day after my shampoo, so make sure you don’t land into this problem.

Keep your hands off your hair:

6 Things Girls with Curly Hair Should Stop Doing stop touching hair

I know playing with curly hairs is the best thing girls do! But girlies, you better keep your hands off your hair as when you touch your hair with your hands when they are wet or drying, you destroy its curl pattern and the result is wavy hair and frizzy look which does not looks good at all. Although women with super curly hair should use styling and curling products when wet, to protect your curls and keep them for long time. With wavy hair, the easiest way to manage them is to scrounge them when they are damp. But make sure you are avoiding many chemicals in your styling and curling products.

Minimize the bleach:

Women with curly hair are suggested to use semi permanent hair color so that it adds dimension to their hair. If you opt for the chemical hair colors, then your sweet curls are really going to suffer. Even if you do proper care for your colored hair, it will spoil the texture of the hair. If you go for permanent hair color, make sure you use high protectant curling conditioners that are pH balanced. Curly hairs look best when it styled with layers.

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