11 Things You Should Know About Eyebrow Threading

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Today, I am back with another informative post on “Things You Should Know About Eyebrow Threading”. Eyebrows’ main function is to prevent dirt and dust particles from going inside the eyelids, but in today’s beauty-conscious world, we have become used to modifying them for aesthetic purposes as well. So, stay tuned to know some interesting facts about threading eyebrows.

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1. It’s not painful, but bearable:

attractive woman in beauty salon on facial hair removal threading procedure

Depending on how experienced and skilled your practitioner is, you may feel a little to no discomfort during the procedure. Apart from that, the pain experienced depends on each individual’s personal capacity. If you are generally more sensitive to pain, it is advised that you take a painkiller one hour before the appointment or ask your practitioner for a numbing cream.

2. You will be asked to co-operate:

beautician makes threading hair removal procedure to blond woman in salon

During the procedure, you will be asked to co-operate by holding your skin tight from different angles, various times. If you are new to threading, they will instruct you on how to pull your eyelids in different directions. Also, it hurts way less when you co-operate by pulling your skin tight.

3. You may want to avoid wearing too much makeup:

Avoid wearing thick foundation or heavy eye makeup when your threading appointment is due because makeup clogs pores and makes the whole procedure a lot more painful. Also, there is an increased risk of getting a nasty infection due to tugging and pulling of hair follicles when you are wearing too much makeup.

4. There can be small bumps afterward:

Pyramid of melted ice cubes with drops

You may experience little red bumps on your brow bone and above your brows, afterward. Fret not! They are there due to tugging and pulling of hairs, but they will disappear in two-three hours. In case they do not, you can apply some ice on the region to fasten the recovery process. However, don’t try to squeeze the bumps mistaking them to be pimples, it may lead to infections.

5. You need to talk about your preferences:

Master corrects makeup, gives shape and thread plucks eyebrows in a beauty salon. Professional care for face.

Let them know beforehand how you want your end look to be. Whether you prefer thick and dense, or thin and sharp brows, or something else. Talking about your preferences will make it clear to your consultant about how you want your brows to look afterward and they would do them according to your needs, instead of doing what they think will look good on you.

6. Massaging the area will help:

Massaging the area with a bit of Grapeseed oil or other lighter density oils will ease the pain and bumps, that might have appeared on your face afterward.

7. It’s better than waxing for sensitive skin:

Pretty girl getting brow depilation

If you have an exceptionally sensitive skin which revolts to any kind of pain, then threading will be your best bet in place of waxing, as it is much gentler on your skin. Unlike waxing, it removes only the hair follicles and not your skin layer while giving you the eyebrows you dream of.

8. It’s pretty quick and not time-consuming:

Close-up of female face during eyebrow correction procedure

You do not need more than 10-15 minutes to get your brows shaped and trimmed, so you can easily get them done on the go. Take out some off 10-15 minutes from your work schedule or while you run errands and you will have hassle-free eyebrows for quite some time.

9. It is more hygienic as compared to waxing:

Yes, you heard it right. You are prone to nasty infections while waxing, but threading keeps them at bay. While waxing, often the same stick is used to apply the wax on different people, while your practitioner is bound to use a different piece of thread every single time.

10. It gives more precise shaping:

Woman Beauty Face. Portrait Of Beautiful Young Woman With Professional Makeup And Perfect Smooth Healthy Skin.

Because threading gives more control and provides precision, you will have much better-shaped eyebrows than what you would have got had you waxed them instead.

11. Exfoliating beforehand will go a long way:

Exfoliating will remove dead skin cells on your skin’s surface and will make threading almost painless. Apart from this, exfoliating will help in getting rid of ingrown hairs as well.

That’s all for today, girlies! Hope this helps.

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