10 Things to Know about Eyelash Extensions

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Are you planning to get eyelash extensions? Wait, before you skip! Here are 10 things to know before getting eyelash extensions.

Beautiful macro shot of female eye with extreme long eyelashes and black liner makeup. Perfect shape make-up and long lashes. Cosmetics and make-up. Closeup macro shot of fashion eyes visage

1. They are not going to stay ‘forever’

Eyelash Extension Procedure. Female eyes before and after.

This is the fact. Permanent results are adorable but-but, this time we’re sorry. Eyelash extensions aren’t going to be permanent. And, if they are not permanent, they have to be maintained. They have to be well looked after and taken care of. Not just meanwhile, but you’ll need a professional who’ll help you get them done, plus help you to maintain them. So, if the maintenance thing does not bother you, you can then call them semi-permanent! But, remember not ‘forever’.

2. If you’re prone to crying, it’ll be little messy

beauty girl cry

Individuals who have naturally thick or moderately thick eyelashes find it little stuck up when their tears don’t fall down smoothly caressing their cheeks – the way they do in the movies and series (Please accompany us dear lashes!). And after getting extensions, this will get harder. So, be sure that you carry wipes or tissues with you. Ask your aesthetician to not thicken the eyelashes too much.

3. You are going to choose your favorite eyelash color and shape

Observe your eyelash color in sunlight, well before getting extensions. You would not want to choose a different color than yours because ultimately you want to keep the look as natural as possible.

4. It will be expensive. It’ll get more expensive with maintenance

Makeup and artificial eyelashes

Yes, it will. Eyelash extensions need a professional approach and the procedure has to be followed well by him/her. You do not want the adhesive glue, that is used to attach the extensions, on to your eyelash lines to get into your eyes. Also, they are something we just called semi-permanent. And, for the fancier version of eyelashes, it will be expensive.

5. There are no restrictions against swimming, bathing, splashing water like a mermaid

Young woman relaxing in the water

Relief? Caring is a different thing and you do not need to compromise your daily chores/works for that. Go for swimming, bath all day and splash water like a mermaid – nobody is going to stop you. But – do not attack your lashes. Take a few minutes to care for them before you go to sleep.

6. You could probably end up ruining your natural eyelashes

Maybe, maybe not. But, if your aesthetician and you do not keep a professional approach with the procedure, you can probably end up having thin stormy eyelashes. Using the right products – like the glue, can possibly prevent the harms that you’re going to put your natural eyelashes through.

7. You’ll be needing a professional – do not try at home

Eyelash Extension Procedure. Woman Eye with Long Eyelashes. Lashes, close up, macro, selective focus.

Unless you’re an expert in this stream, you’ll always need a professional. You should, in fact, always rely on a professional/expert when it comes to eyelash extensions. Especially, when you know nothing or something that is too less for this fancy thing. A professional will do all the things for you – glue the extensions, un-glue them when they tend to fall, and glue the new ones if you desire so.

8. You can actually go makeup-less(for eyelashes)

Who needs mascara when one has thicker, longer eyelashes? So, you can go without mascara, eyeliner or anything else. This could be as relieving as it sounds. The makeup can probably disturb your fancy eyelashes (extensions) now. So, be careful! And, if you’re too much in the mood for eye makeup (or eyelash makeup), choose trusted brands, ONLY.

9. You need practice not touching the eyelashes too much

face of beautiful woman touching her eye area

This can be really tempting. This is the same way when you get a haircut – you keep caressing it all day long. But, the extensions are not your real hair. They are, at last, artificial. Touching them more than needed can possibly result in weakening the effect and adhesion of the glue. So, stop!

10. You also need the practice to control the temptation to pull them backward

No, you don’t need to test them whether they are still as strong as they were when you got them done. You should neither try to curl them by pulling them backward. Ask your aesthetician when you’re next sitting has been dated and visit the aesthetician at the given date. Also, do not try to curl or pull them backward, forward or in any direction.

Are you planning to get eyelash extensions? How did this post work for you? Let us know in the comments below.

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