5 Things Never To Do While Trying To Lose Weight

Losing weight can actually become a never-ending battle when the right kind of strategies are not followed. People often realize quite late that it’s not possible to lose weight through exercise alone, in fact, following a calorie-deficit diet without compromising on nutrition is the key to lose weight because fatigue, lethargy, hair fall, loss of lean muscle, nutritional deficiencies, are some side effects when a  healthy diet and balanced diet has not been followed while trying to shed extra pounds. In fact, go through this list of 5 Things Never To Do While Trying To Lose Weight.

Biggest Weight Loss Mistakes Most People Make

1. Picking Every Food That Carries the Tag “Healthy”: While food labelling helps us to make safe and healthier food choices, food companies can sometimes misguide and add misleading labels just to sell their products. For example, some food products may carry the tag “0% sugar free,” – they add sugar under different names-  “invert syrup, fructose, maltose, corn syrup, malt sugar, high fructose corn syrup,” to name just a few. It’s easy to get confused and fall into the trap of such marketing gimmicks. When you rely on such products and add them to the diet, you can gain more weight instead of losing. So, do not pick every food that caries the tag “healthy,” always choose food that’s closest to its natural form and is minimally processed. Also read: “10 Mayonnaise Alternatives For Those Trying To Lose Weight.”

2. Crash Dieting and Trying Popular Fad Diets: Jumping from one fad diet to another diet will not help you lose any significant amount of kgs. Ice cream diet, baby food diet, cabbage soup diet, master cleanse, are all over-hyped fad diets that deprive you of a balanced diet, triggering illnesses and deficiencies. Why resort to fad diets to lose weight when you eat healthy and lose weight. Download the Rati Beauty app and subscribe to our weight loss diet plans to drop extra pounds absolutely safely and without food deprivation.

3. Popping Fat-Burning Pills: Ask anyone who has spent money on fat-cutter pills whether they work, they would shake their head in disapproval. There’s a huge misconception that swallowing fat cutter pills can melt away all layers of fat whereas there’s no concrete research supporting such pills and potions actually work. Some of such pills have been found to raise blood pressure and trigger strokes. Why spend insane amount of money on something that may actually lead to side effects when you can eat food and still lose weight?

4. Relying only on Cardio and Not Giving Importance to Diet: Overdoing cardio, which means only relying on cardio exercises in order to lose weight may actually backfire because too much cardio can fire up the appetite and lead to overeating. Try different exercises, from stretching, yoga, brisk walking, functional training,  strength training, mobility, etc. and most importantly, straighten up your diet to eat healthy and to remain in a calorie-deficit. Cardio can burn calories, but not the excess calories that a bad diet would add.

5. Losing Sleep and Stressing Too Much: There are numerous studies linking chronic stress and sleep deprivation to weight gain. Even if you hit the gym every single day and slash daily calorie intake by a degree, without enough rest, sleep, and a positive outlook, losing weight becomes extremely hard. Trust weight loss as a process and if you are following the right diet, for example, Rati Beauty diet, you can lose oodles of weight by eating the right kind of food.

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