Things People with Dry Skin Should Never Do

Hi ladies,
Dry skin is the trickiest kind of skin type and requires utmost care. Dry skin feels flaky, tight and devoid of moisture almost all the time. In today’s post let me tell you what you must not do so that your skin remains healthy and glowing through all seasons.


Using Strong Facial Cleansers

Things People with Dry Skin Should Never Do

Strong cleansers have scary list of ingredients. So many chemicals are present in them. They will make your dry skin feel tight and itchy after cleansing. So always use very mild cleansers which will not strip your skin of natural oils.

Too Much Alcohol

Alcohol in your skin care products is your worst enemy. It will dry your skin like nothing else. Try to avoid products that contains alpha-hydroxy acids. Always check the list of ingredients in the products. Lesser the alcohol and lesser would be your dry skin woes.

Forget to Moisturize

Things People with Dry Skin Should Never Do

Dry skin is really sensitive and it requires care and nourishment in summers as well as in winters. Never ever forget to moisturize your whole body. Instead of using chemical laden store brought products, you can also use cocoa butter or shea butter to moisturize your skin.

Taking Hot and Long Showers

Things People with Dry Skin Should Never Do

Hot showers remove natural oils from your skin which obviously dries out your skin even more. We all love those long showers in the winters with hot water but it could be extremely drying for dry skin type. If you absolutely have to use hot showers then at least do not spend too much time under it. Apply a layer of coconut oil or castor oil before entering the shower to relax and soothe your skin.


Things People with Dry Skin Should Never Do

Over-exfoliating is only going to irritate your skin more. Exfoliate only once or twice a week. Try to use natural ingredients like honey and oatmeal to scrub your skin. Honey instantly gives immense moisturization and oatmeal scrubs away dead skin cells.

Skipping the Oils in Your Diet

Things People with Dry Skin Should Never Do

Sometimes applying all the moisturizers in the world still doesn’t help dry skinned beauties. Try to include healthier oils like coconut oil, cod liver oil or Omega-3 eggs in your diet.

Using Razors

Things People with Dry Skin Should Never Do

Oh yes, it is the quickest to get rid of unwanted hair on your body. But it also going to irritate the dry skin a lot. Shaving will strip out all the essential oils from your skin and make it really dry. Try to avoid it and if you can’t then moisturize heavily after using a razor.

Tips and Tricks:
• Minimize your use of soaps. Use the ones that are made for sensitive and dry skin.
• Apply the moisturizer when your skin is still moist to lock in the moisture.
• Suppress the urge to scratch the flaky skin. It will only worsen it.
• Do not forget to use gloves in winters. Hands and legs have the driest spots on them.
• Pat dry your skin and never rub it. Loofas should also be used gently.
• Use a good body moisturizer for your hands and legs.

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6 thoughts on “Things People with Dry Skin Should Never Do

  1. Thanks for the tips Vandana. I have dry skin and I have to day, I make a few of these mistakes :/ Applying oil before taking a hot shower is a really useful tip for me 😀

  2. Great tips vandana. Worked as a reminder for me since I have dry skin myself and I know the pain of maintaining smooth skin. It drinks up every thing. loll!!

  3. AHAs and Alcohol are two different things. While the former is great for skin if done right the latter is not and should be avoided by all skin types. Great article. I will however greatly benefit from one meant for oily skin 🙂

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