9 Things People Worry About That Do Not Matter Much For Weight Loss

We have one genuine advice for people who are trying to lose weight – stop worrying too much about weight loss because the stress that comes along with it can trigger the production of cortisol (stress hormone) that not only lowers metabolism, increases appetite and unwanted cravings, it also strongly affects fat distribution, encouraging majority of it to be stored around the mid region, aka your belly area. When we all are striving to look the best versions of ourselves, by losing weight and getting healthier, we might make the mistake of placing unnecessary stress on things which do not hold too much importance in the whole process. Losing weight itself can be a stressful job for some of us, but worrying about little things could be one of the reasons your weight isn’t going down. One key tip to shed those extra pounds is to worry less about things that do not matter and stay carefree about the same. To take the load off you, we have effective diet plans and strategies on the Rati Beauty app, where you can drop extra pounds successfully and get a slimmer waistline. But before that, you have to absolutely stop worrying about these below-mentioned things that do not matter much for weight loss.

things people worry about weight loss

1. Striving to Go Zero Carb: A low-carb diet where you replace refined carbs with complex carbs is considered good for weight loss and to improve overall health as well, but going to extreme levels to achieve “zero carbs” status with every meal is a bit too much and does not really do much in terms of fat loss. A healthy weight loss diet should not be based on cutting out entire food groups because it makes the diet less sustainable. If you want to go completely zero on carbs, you would have to give up on milk, yogurt, grains, legumes, pulses, cereals, fruits, and even vegetables! Count your carbs, keep them low, but do not eliminate them because doing so does not help much with weight loss, it can only bring along nutrient deficiencies and increased cravings.

2. Exercising Every Single Day: Working out the body is a great way to boost mental and physical health, but trying to workout every single day of the week, 365 days of the year, will in fact sabotage the whole weight loss process. When you put the body through intense exercise, it needs a rest period of one or two days in a week to recover and get stronger. If you exercise every single day of the week, exhaustion and fatigue would set in soon, increasing the risk for injuries, and making it difficult for weight loss to happen at a steady pace. So, fret not, you do not have to exercise every single day to lose weight! Just be active to burn calories.

3. Cutting out All Forms of Fats: Are you scared of “fats” due to the impression that it may make you ahem “fat!” Don’t be! Because “healthy fats,” the kind found in food such as olive oil, ghee, avocado, nuts, seeds, and also from animal sources, are absolutely necessary to keep the fat-burning process kicking. Healthy fats actually accelerate the release of stored fat. But as with every kind of food, moderation remains the key with fats too. Here’s a list of some healthy fats that you should absolutely have.

4. Too Much Cardio: Placing too much importance on cardio will not fetch significant results. And without straightening out the diet, not a single pound will be lost. You would have to focus primarily on creating a calorie deficit by following a healthy weight loss diet (such as on the Rati Beauty app) and do a mix of workout routines, cardio, strength training, yoga, walking, and other forms of exercises to successfully get to your goal weight.

5. Eating as Much Less As Food as Possible: If you feel guilty every time you take a bite off food, you are absolutely going in the wrong direction and would more likely gain weight because crash dieting and food deprivation will send the body into a fat-conservation mode, not to mention nutritional deficiencies. Severe calorie restriction would slow down metabolism, completely stalling weight loss.

6. Seeking Detox in Everything: Some people opt for drastic methods to detox their body in order to lose weight and master cleanse by drinking salt water is just one of them. The body is efficient at detoxifying itself, and detox drinks can just do a little bit, nothing significant. The best way to help with the detoxification process is by eating a healthy diet, exercising regularly, and being active through the day. So, stop looking for “detoxifying” factor in everything!

7. Obsessed with Numbers on the Scale: Getting fixated on fluctuating numbers on the weighing scale can leave you disappointed and demotivated because it only shows limited progress, making you ignore other positive changes that have happened both internally and externally. Yes, the weighing scale does show overall weight loss, but then the scale does not distinguish between water weight, water retention, bloating, or muscle gain (which is a great thing), and that’s why it’s important to look towards other non-scale measurements that indicate weight loss progress. Read about “18 Non-Scale Victories that Prove you Are Losing Weight.”

8. Looking for Fat-free and Low-Fat Food Everywhere: As we have mentioned above, most people give up all forms of fat when trying to lose and try to pick everything that has “low fat and fat free” mentioned on it! We want to make you aware here that when fat content is ripped from food, companies add loads of sugar, refined carbs, thickeners, and emulsifiers to bring back taste to the food and appeal to the tastebuds of customers, and you are getting way more calories than you would from a “full-fat” version. Looking for “fat free” in everything defeats the whole purpose of losing weight and getting healthy.

9. Looking for Sugar-Free Products: Just like most “fat free” products, the so-called sugar-free food items aren’t exactly healthy or better options to regular sugar. These food items may contain artificial sweeteners like aspartame, sucralose, saccharin, that have been found to cause side effects such as headaches, stomach aches, panic attacks, and other serious disorders in certain people. So, be safe, and either give up all forms of sugar and consume it in its natural form, for example, through fruits, honey, stevia, etc.

Hope these tips would help take the load off you and relieve you off unnecessary stress.

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