Things That Women Hate About Men!

Hi ladies,

We love them, we hate them but we are so incomplete without our guys. There are some gestures of them that really make our eyes wet with happiness and there are some things that make our eyes red with anger. In today’s post, let’s find out about the latter ones!

Things That Women Hate About Men!1

Texting first and then not replying

Things That Women Hate About Men!

How many times has this happened to you? Your guy texts you and then he vanishes for the next 3 hours. I mean seriously, why did you start a conversation if you didn’t plan on having a conversation.


Yes, men can be more jealous, possessive and insecure than you. A little possessive is cute, it means the guy is afraid of losing you but asking unnecessary questions about our guy friends all the time will not get you anywhere sweetheart.


Things That Women Hate About Men!3

Guys are visual creatures; they love to look at the opposite sex. This is something they do and can’t help it. Most of the times it is harmless but sometimes it can get really irritating for us.

Leaving the toilet seat up

This is one is truly classic. No matter in which part of the world your guy is, this is kind of in his nature. No matter how much we girls train them, they will still do the same things.

Not being romantic

Things That Women Hate About Men!

Oh it is my life story. I know he loves me but he is not the kinds that you see in the movies getting all mushy and romantic. He is more of Ajay Devgan kinds 😛 You get the drift right? I want guys to know that we girls love when they shower us with romantic and cute gestures.


Are you a dictator or a lover? We love sometimes when a guy decides something that is important to us but if you are ordering us around what to do and what not to do then that is really unflattering.

Selective hearing

Things That Women Hate About Men!5

We say 10000 words in an argument but he will only get 10 words. I really want to know how guys can only hear what they want to hear. I don’t know where the rest of the words go? Do you know girls?

Swearing or abusing

This is downright so unflattering. Abusing in front of a girl is never acceptable.

Poor hygiene

Not every girl can boast off a guy who is well groomed and well dressed. We just need our guys to take bath daily, use a deodorant and put little efforts in deciding their clothes although throwing all your clothes away and buying some new ones won’t hurt.

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3 thoughts on “Things That Women Hate About Men!

  1. Such a well made list Vandana. Seems like you have been observing for a really long time. One of the main reasons I am single is that I cannot stand any of these. “Texting first and then not replying” is ok, but other things – I cannot.

    1. Hehe..actually my bf has made me go thtough all these things at some point in our relationship but now I have turned him into a well behaved chivalrous guy 🙂 😛

  2. Vandana, I had gone through a few traits… like “texting first and then not replying”… sometimes, “insecurity” … a little bit, “not being romantic” .. I complained a few times despite he being very romantic 😛 , “selective hearing”.. whenever I noticed this, I use to stop immediately and wont speak anything else except “ok”, “hmm” , “acha”, “thik hai” … n then I had all the attention once again 😛 😛 🙂

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