10 Things To Carry in the Purse on First Date

I am no expert on dates, but I have written a post on makeup tips when you are going on your first date and today, I am going to share my two cents on things that every woman should carry in her purse when she is going on a first date.  So, let’s directly go into the details:

1.  Your favorite shade of lipstick:  Carry your favorite shade of lipstick in your purse.  Sometimes your favorite lipstick might not be a long staying one and would wear off with one sip of any liquid and you would be left with bare lips.  It’s better to carry the lipstick in your purse so that you can do touch-ups and look glamorous throughout the evening.

10 Things To Carry in the Purse on a First Date

2.  Pepper Spray:  You never know, if the date goes terribly wrong, you would want to be better safe than sorry.  Carry a small can of pepper spray in your purse.

3.  Phone with fun apps and games:  What if your dream date turns out to be utterly boring! To while your time away, download fun apps and games like “Ant Smasher,” “Fruit Ninja,” “Temple Run,” anything to save your life from boredom.

10 Things To Carry in the Purse on a First Date

4.  A small toothbrush:  You are having a great evening, but then all that’s on your mind is that tiny green speck of spinach on your teeth.  Excuse yourself, go to the washroom and get rid of that speck with the toothbrush.

10 Things To Carry in the Purse on a First Date

5.  Mint/Mouth Spray:  I had mentioned this in some other post of mine.  Even if you are not on a date, you should probably carry mint/orbit/mouth spray in your bag.  I know nobody rushes to kiss on their first dates, but you wouldn’t want the flavors of Moo Goo Gai Pain hovering around in your breath after the dinner.  Use mint/mouth spray liberally.

6.  Hair Brush:  Sometimes, it might not be just your good hair day! Keep a comb handy to keep flyaways in control and to tame your hair.

7.  Credit Card/Cash:  What if your date decides to go dutch, oops, to avoid being in the soup, flash the credit card the moment he says “dutch.”

10 Things To Carry in the Purse on a First Date

8.  Mascara: Play up those eyes, flutter them at him, a mascara is a must, in all handbags.

10 Things To Carry in the Purse on a First Date

9.  Eye Drops:  I don’t know why I keep mentioning eye drops in every must-have post.  It’s that important for me.  I find facing someone with red and inflamed eyes very embarrassing, you would thank me one day for suggesting this!

10.  Perfume:  Last but not at all the least, carry your perfume with you, spritz in between, and smell great throughout the evening.  A great perfume will always boost your self confidence.

10 Things To Carry in the Purse on a First Date

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17 thoughts on “10 Things To Carry in the Purse on First Date

  1. haha pepper spray wala idea is awesome n must trying.. *announce* *hihi* superb tips jomol, i feel this goes well for everyone including newly weds or couples.. *clap* *clap* *clap*
    I seriously need to get pepper spray and eye drops.. *specs*

  2. awsome suggestions jomol…. *claps* *claps* i carry literally everything in my handbag.. i cant carry those tinyyy sling bags i feel so empty . haha..

    i was once teased by a friend that what are u carrying in ur handbag.. stones ??? its so heavy, like if anyone bothers u , ur bag is good enough to Boooommm himmmm .. lolzzz hahahaha *hihi*

    1. Khushboo rofl rofl rofl rofl even my bag is so heavy, at least 2 kg ka tho hoga….you can hit someone with it….no need of pepper spray rofl rofl

  3. the list is perfect…but I would also like to add blotting sheets or a compact powder to keep shine away on my super oily skin *hihi*

      1. arey for that all you need to do is put water and table salt in a spray can, and spray it on your face at least once a day. Super effective, and a chemical-free toner.

  4. Awesome post it is….I wish somebody could have told me all this when I went on my first date *hihi* *hihi* but nevertheless it went well 😛 way too cutely 😀 😀 superb post jomo *puchhi*

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