10 Things to Consider Before Buying Your Wedding Jewellery

This is my first post on IMBB. Jewellery is something that excites most of us, and when it comes to buying the bridal jewellery, a lot of things have to be kept in mind. As the wedding season is here, I thought it was the perfect time to share those important things. I hope this post will enlighten all of you (especially would be brides).

1. Select a budget and STICK to it

As we all know, females have a fascination for gold and diamond ornaments and can’t resist from splurging more than required in those bling-y showrooms. In such a state, it is necessary that we decide a budget beforehand and try sticking to it as much as possible.

2. Start researching and selecting at least 6 months before

This is obviously a no-brainer. With all those options at our feet ranging from polki, kundan, antique, nakshi, pacchi and a pool of different gemstones, it is advisable that the bride goes through each and every variety and finish carefully and select what suits her taste the best.

kiara reception wedding jewellery

3. Buy your engagement ring first

Since it will be the main highlight throughout the wedding events and you are going to flaunt it for the rest of your life (hopefully), it makes sense to splurge on it before buying your other pieces (because you just cannot compromise on your dream ring).

4. Communicate with your partner

Do not assume that he will buy the perfect jewellery for you. Communicate with him, talk to him about what you like and try to know if your in laws have already bought something for your big day (so that you do not end up with similar pieces). Do not shy away or worry about sounding rude; he just might be thankful for your little help (remember he is just as clueless).

5. Do insist on price breakup

Since buying jewellery is going to cost you a bomb, it is only wise to know where that money is going. Insist that the sales person gives you all the details on making charges, weight of precious stones (if any) and the VAT charged. Sometimes, the making charges can be as high as 60 percent. Knowing them beforehand is always better.

6. Keep some ‘emergency fund’ ready

In case a statement necklace or ring starts giving you sleepless night (trust me, it’s bound to happen), do reserve some fund for that extra piece.

Traditional Bridal jewellery

7. Decide if your wedding jewellery is an investment or a luxury

If it is an investment, you might just want to purchase plain gold jewellery without polkis or diamonds (as a matter of fact, diamonds can lose up to 20 percent of their value the moment you walk out of the showroom). But if you think of wedding jewellery as a luxury and something to cherish for years, then go ahead and splurge on all those bling-y solitaires and emeralds.

8. Do not get carried away

Realize that there are many other heavy expenses too in weddings that you can’t avoid. Wearing 100 tolas of gold when you are neck deep in debt is not a very wise choice at all. It’s alluring, but beware.


9. Buy from reputed jewelers and insist on a bill

Buying from reputed jewelers will ensure that you get the best metal for your money. A cash memo will make sure that you can exchange/sell your jewels for the best value without being cheated. Also, don’t forget to look for HALLMARK and other signs of purity.

10. Don’t forget about customized pieces

You may also want to consider if you want to customize your own jewellery or buy what the market has to offer. Normally, customized jewellery will cost a bit more than buying ready-made pieces. However, asking for small alterations in what the jeweler already has should not cost much.

That’s all for today girlies. Hope this helped in some way. Have a nice day ahead!

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