Things to Keep in Mind to Achieve Perfect Smoky Eye Makeup

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A classy smoky eye makeup is the key to that fascinating, sultry look and is one of the classic and most admired makeup looks from the Golden Era. We all love it and in fact, it is supposed to be a perfect look for a date or any special evening. Isn’t it, girls? I really love the way hues of dark shades are infused to eye makeup for giving a winsome touch to the personality. But, is it really that easy to achieve a cult smoky eye look? Nope! There are some essential basics of the smoky eye makeup which every girl must know about and especially the dear beginners!

Perfect Smokey Eye

White Pencil for Waterline

Who doesn’t want to rock that iconic look, but there is no rule that smoky means only black. Usually when you wear smoky eyes, your eyes seem to be little smaller. So, apply a white eyeliner on waterline to make your eyes look bigger and highlighting waterline with white kohl gracefully complements smoky eye look.

Don’t Be Too Matchy


Though I might not need to mention it, but still I would! As we all know that dark lips don’t just go great with this marvelous look. And, almost all commendable smoky eye looks are created with neutral or light shaded lips if you notice. Furthermore, neutrality or say application of bronzers and blush should also be maintained because obviously you are not wearing smoky eyes to look like a clown.

Highlight Appropriately Around Eyes


Highlighting in eye makeup is as important as foundation or concealer during face makeup. But it is also a salient step of eye makeup to identify where and how much is needed. Highlighting inner eye corners with white eye shadow will be fine, but don’t bring that white shadow for highlighting upto the brows. It will surely ruin all your efforts.

Practice Variation


Variation is necessary everywhere and so is the rule of makeup too. Imagine how it seems to apply the same makeup all the time. The same look of smoky eyes doesn’t go well everywhere. Evening party smoky eyes look will not flatter when you are going to meet your friends. In that case, choose a copper brown shade on lids and smudge it on lids and along the lower lash line to bring the variation in this tremendous makeup look.

Learn to Distinguish Between Smoky Eyes and Raccoon Eyes

As I have mentioned above, smoky makeup is not just about black eye shadow. Make sure that you are not applying too much of black eye shadow or a thick layer of kohl on your lower lash line and tear line.

The Finishing Step


Yeah, you can name it the finishing step. When you are done with your eyes during wearing smoky eyes, dab a very small amount of a rosy blush which suits you the most. The light stroke of blush matches perfectly with dark infused eyes.

Control Your Eyeliner

Things to Keep in Mind to Achieve Perfect Smoky Eye Makeup8

Though this is not a very big mistake, but some girls when they try to obtain a cat eye look, they expand their eyeliner towards the hairline way too much which is nothing but a foolish step.

Decide Your Look


Specify the look of smoky eyes you are willing to obtain. Try to choose eye makeup looks of celebrities and recreate it as you don’t need to do any harsh experiment in this case. Feline eyes can be tried as this is hugely popular among celebs these days.

Don’t Forget This!

Girls, never ever forget this! And not only in smoky eye makeup, but also in any eye makeup, you are always needed to define your brows.

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