Things to Keep in Mind while Buying Bridal Makeup

Hi ladies,
Selection of suitable makeup products can be a difficult choice, for any bride and it can definitely get overwhelming. Well, my post today will guide you through the process of buying bridal makeup that you will be using quite often for at least a year after your wedding! Let’s get started.

Things to keep in mind while buying bridal makeup

Don’t shop without a list:

Things to keep in mind while buying bridal makeup 2

There are countless makeup products available in the market and you don’t need them all. You just need a few products, that will work well for you. So, make a point that you don’t get carried away while shopping, do not shop without a list in your hand.

Know your skin type:

This is a must while shopping for makeup and skin care products. Know what your skin type is, which colours suit your skin, what your undertones are, and which colours don’t complement your skin tone.

Go for tried and tested products:

Do not blindly go for a product that is making waves, it might not suit you. You don’t really want anything go wrong with your makeup, when you are a newly-wed. So stick to the products that suit you well and the ones that are tried and tested.

Read reviews on IMBB:

You can get numerous honest reviews of the users here on IMBB. So if you want to try out any product or even want to make a list for makeup items then look no further than here! You can also post any makeup query on MG forums too. You can be assured, that you will get the best possible guidance from lovely ladies over there.

Don’t compromise on base makeup:

Things to keep in mind while buying bridal makeup 3

A good primer, a flawless foundation and a magic concealer is all you need for a perfect base makeup. So don’t ever compromise on their quality, as they are crucial for a streak free and even finish of your makeup.

Go for longevity:

You will have to attend many small and big family gatherings at your home and you won’t always have the time for touch-ups. So invest in the products that are long lasting and require minimal maintenance.

Know your shades:

There are some shades of eye shadows, blushes and lipsticks that just brighten up your face and there are some shades which make your face look dull and lifeless. Don’t hesitate in swatching as many shades as you want and only choose the ones that go well on your face.

Don’t buy everything online:

Things to keep in mind while buying bridal makeup 4

If you know exactly which colour suits your skin, then by all means shop online but if you are even in a little bit of doubt then always go to a cosmetic store near you. Don’t forget to take a friend along, who will guide you in choosing the product colours best suited for your skin.

Look for multipurpose products:

Things to keep in mind while buying bridal makeup 5

Products having multipurpose uses can save you a lot of money and space too. You can get multiple uses from a single product. A creamy lipstick can be used as a blush, instead of going for separate eye shadow pots, you can buy a good palette or you can also customise and make your own. There are endless choices when it comes to makeup shopping; you just need to be a bit creative with everything.

Buy only what is required:

Do not lose your mind and money while stocking up on makeup items. Makeup anyways has a shelf life and there is no use in buying 3-4 foundations when you are going to be using only 1 or 2. Shop wisely, as you won’t want to throw them away after they have hit their expiration date. If you like something, then you can always repurchase them.

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