18 Things You Must Swear Not To Do!

With the awesome winters setting in, it has lots to offer in terms of food, makeup trends and outdoor activities! These days I can’t resist myself from indulging myself in long hot baths. With hot I mean steamy hot! This is in turn damaging my skin too much. I am left with extremely dry and dull skin due to hot water! So today I am going to share few things with you all that you should never do if you want to keep your skin protected and well groomed! So, let’s get started!

Must swear not to do

1. The first one on the list is off course avoiding Hot water baths as much as possible. It will leave your skin feeling dry and is harmful in the long run. For some people it causes rashes as well as redness. It takes away skins essential oil.

2. Never every apply any hair products on your face or any other body part. Our skin is more sensitive than hair and requires very mild cleansing agents. However our hair requires much stronger ingredients. Try and avoid using a shampoo, conditioner or a hair serum on your skin. If by chance it comes in contact with your face, wash it immediately with water and hydrate the skin nicely. Same goes with hair color!

3. See what you are eating. Cut down on excessive salt intake as it makes your skin puffy and bloated causing water retention.

4. Caffeine, alcohol and too much sugar is equally harmful for your skin. Caffeine causes early ageing and wrinkles to appear faster. Alcohol takes away your skins moisture and makes it dull and dry. Sugar causes patchy skin and also leads to acne for some people.


5. Don’t over exfoliate. It can cause inflammation and take away your skins goodness! Exfoliating more than once a week can cause scarring and fine lines to appear.

6. Avoid late nights and take a good night sleep. Our Skin rejuvenates and repairs itself at night.

7. Don’t go out in the sun without a sunscreen. Yes, this applies for winters too! I am sure you don’t want your skin to get affected by UV rays. Protect your skin.

8. Never sleep with your make up on. It will clog the pores and result in breakouts. If you are feeling lazy to wash your face, then make use of makeup wipes.

9. Don’t buy cosmetics without reading the ingredient list as you might be sensitive to some ingredients in your make up.

10. Never use old and dirty make up brushes. These are a home to bacteria and can cause skin infections. Always keep your brushes clean.

11. Don’t pot on those pimples! Most of us have this habit.


12. Avoid leaving your hair loose at night. It will reduce hair fall. Don’t let hair fall on your forehead as some people get pimples due to the oil present in hair.

13. Don’t rub your eyes to remove the make up as the skin around your eyes is very delicate and thin. Use coconut oil and your fingers to remove eye makeup.

14. Never touch your face unnecessarily. You transfer all the oil and germs from your hand to your face.

15. Don’t use same make up for years thinking that it’s expensive. Everything has a shelf life. Keep changing your stash from time to time.

16. Avoid using bar soaps. It should not be used on your face as it takes away natural oil leaving skin dry. Use moisturizing facewash instead.

soap on face

17. Don’t use body lotion on your face. Our face requires gentle and mild creams as the skin is delicate here as compared to the whole body.

18. Avoid using Mayonnaise or vinegar on your skin as these works well for hair packs and masks. But due to their acidic nature, they will clog the pores and harm your skin.

So these are things we should try and avoid as much as possible to have a glowing healthy skin.

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