Things You Should Know About Serums

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We all use serums at some point in our lives. Serums have many benefits for our skin as they are packed with many active ingredients that address various skin issues. Serums are used before applying your moisturiser and deliver a lot of nourishment and nutrients to the skin. Let’s find out more things about serums in today’s post.

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1. After cleansing and toning the skin, your next step should be to apply serum. Take 2-4 drops of it and gently massage into damp skin. Give it a minute to get absorbed then follow it up with moisturizer or a night cream.
2. If you have an oily skin then your skin might be OK with water based serums that are moisturizing too. But if you have dry skin, then only serum isn’t enough. You need to follow the serum with a moisturizer too.

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3. Serums are for every skin type. If you think you have an oily skin and you don’t need a serum then you can’t be more wrong. There is a serum for every skin type. Anyone can use a serum for healthy skin and smooth complexion. If you have a dry to normal skin, then you can choose a serum that adds moisture and if you have an oily skin, then you can go for water-based serums.
4. 20s are the perfect time to invest in a good quality serum. You can choose a serum that will target your specific problems like anti-aging, acne, hyper pigmentation etc.
5. A good serum is absorbed quickly in the skin in a matter of few minutes. If you have a serum that is still feeling greasy or oily after few minutes and is not absorbed into the skin, then that serum may not be right for your skin type.

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6. Our skin gets damaged daily by dust particles, dirt, pollution and sun damage. All these environmental damages really make our skin age faster. So a serum comes to the rescue as serums are loaded with vitamins that help fight all the environmental damages.
7. Serums also help to make your makeup last longer. They help reduce oil production on our face which keeps our face oil free for longer intervals which in turn helps our makeup to stay longer even in excess humidity.

8. Serums are a must-have if aging skin is your concern. Serums come loaded with Vitamins, peptides, hyaluronic acid, kojic acid, glycolic acid which help in cell renewal, fight sun damage and pigmentation and also reverse the signs of aging.

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9. When choosing a serum, make sure that it is in a dark glass bottle. Plastic bottle can react with the active ingredients present in the serum and can spoil the product. Dark colour of the bottle is important because active ingredients in the serum can lose their effectiveness once exposed to UV rays.
10. Good quality serums are colourless and odourless. Do not go looking for colour and fragrances in your serums for maximum efficiency of the active ingredients in the serums.

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