10 Things You Should Never Do After Waxing

By Chanchala Bose

Waxing is a mandatory routine for all the ladies; getting waxed is painful yet something that must be done. Not only for the beautiful and feminine looks but also for the sake of personal hygiene it is preferable to get waxed once in every month. Have you ever noticed waxing at times can cause redness all over the waxed area or at worse even bruise your skin? The after-effects of waxing depend upon the type of skin; if it is extremely sensitive then the after-effects may not be pleasant. Here we are with a few things that you should avoid practicing immediately after waxing.

Things you should never do after waxing

1. Sun exposure

After waxing one should avoid being in direct exposure to sun since the skin is delicate direct exposure may cause hyper-pigmentation that will result in skin darkening or blemishes.

2. Swimming

Immediately after the waxing session one should avoid taking a long dip into the pool. Public pools specifically should be avoided after waxing as the skin is delicate and sensitive and any type of infection can affect your skin.

3. Heat therapies

Any kind of exposure related to heat is the most important thing to be avoided immediately after waxing. Heat can open up the skin pores resulting is faster hair growth. It in reality is not a faster growth but because the pores are now wider the hair is said to be pushed outwards making you feel for faster hair growth.

4. Scrubbing or exfoliation

Scrubbing and exfoliation is required mainly to get rid of the dead skin cells. Once the waxing is done the skin is fresh and smooth; any kind of scrubbing or exfoliation can cause an injury to the waxed skin therefore it is recommended not to practice exfoliation as a part of daily skin care routine.

5. Avoid frictional forces over the skin

Friction over the waxed area can cause irritation or even redness all around. To avoid friction one should make sure they do not do intense workouts, wear tight clothes and should also make note that only the skin friendly material should be worn.

6. Usage of beauty products

Post waxing the skin is soft and baby like and any type of beauty product should be avoided over the waxed part. The product consists of chemical and also perfume for the fragrance which can result in inflammation of the skin resulting in a disastrous after-wax experience.

7. Hours of beauty bath

No beauty bath should be done at least for a week after the wax. Only shower under the running water is recommended. Stagnation can cause bad effect to the skin when you dip yourself in the bath tub for hours.

8. Fake tan

Most people prefer to get a fake tan all over their body so one must make sure not to use any spray consisted of chemical to get a fake tan. The spray or the products may cause irritation all over the skin.

9. Bleaching

Never bleach after the wax-session. The skin is ultrasensitive when exposed to waxing and use of any type of bleach with harsh chemical may cause skin burning.

10. Avoid Soap and Harsh Cleansers:

Avoid harsh cleansers and soap that can potentially irritate the open pores and sensitive skin. In fact, do not use soap for the next 24 hours.

Since waxing is a nightmare for most of the ladies out there but it is not as bad or painful as we have made it in our own subconscious mind. If we avoid these few above mentioned don’ts of waxing the after-feel of waxing can be pleasant. Because in the end to feel good we need to do well, the only way to show that we love our skin is by doing its proper care.

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