12 Things You Should Stop Doing if You Want Younger Looking Skin

We spend a lot of money on expensive skin care and routine facials, but have you really found your fountain of youth yet? There are certain things that we tend to do, which are actually responsible for bad skin!

Lemon on skin

1. Your skin is a reflection of what goes inside your body. Yes, haven’t you heard the saying “You are what you eat”. One of the major reasons for having greasy and oily skin is junk food; try avoiding it. To have younger looking skin, maintain a well balanced and healthy diet!

2. Always be aware of the bleaches that your salon ladies use on you! You can go to the salon if you do not have the time to bleach at home but always make sure to find out the bleach they use and how well-known the brand is. Do not get misguided with the fancy names they suggest; they may be using brand products that they buy in bulk at a low cost, and the products may not be of good quality!

3. Use a soft towel on your face. Instead of rubbing your skin with it, just dab! And be very gentle, even if you use wet wipes. You sweat through the skin pores that are better left clean. So, it is always nice to have a soft and clean towel handy, especially during a workout!

4. We cannot stress enough on the importance of sunscreen for your skin! Use it no matter what the weather is like, sunny or cloudy; your skin needs it even while the sun is playing hide and seek with you! UVA and UVB rays are always on the hunt to harm your skin, and that is definitely something that we do not want.
use sunscreen

5. As important as it is to keep skin safe from the harmful sun rays, you need to soak some vitamin D from it too, and a little sun exposure in the early mornings is needed. Do not go out in the scorching afternoon heat, sun light in mornings is bountiful and beautiful.

6. Smoking is one of the major reasons for skin cancer, aging skin, puffy eyes and wrinkles. It damages the internal organs as well as your external beauty, so if you smoke, give up on it right away.

7. Removing your make-up before you go to bed is one thing that all skin care experts suggest you to do, as your skin may get dehydrated, lifeless and dull-looking if you sleep with it on. Your skin will produce more oil and you may get more prone to acne. When you immediately take off those party clothes when you get home, then why do you sleep with make-up on?

8. Shaving can be messy, but if you do it right it’s not that big of a deal. Never ever shave without using a shaving cream or gels before you put that razor on your skin as using the razor alone can give you burns and rashes. Conditioners are good alternatives too.

9. Never ever wear new clothes without washing them, because not all fabrics are skin friendly. It is advised that you do not wear clothes that irritate your skin, even if they are expensive!

10. Do not opt for bridal packages at the last minute; you have to know what is good for your skin and what is not. Never ever indulge in extra packages, especially when you do not know about them and there are a few days left for your big day; you do not want to end up with bumps or skin irritation.

11. If you have scrubbed your face or used a face pack, make sure not to go out in the sun immediately, as it can be harmful to the skin, and will also make the skin sensitive! Every time you use a scrub or pack, follow up with a good moisturizer, to seal the hydration in.

honey face pack

12. Do Not Rub Lemon on the Face Directly: Though there are scores of homemade face packs advocating the application of lemon directly to clear tan and to get glowing skin, avoid the temptation because lemon is highly acidic in nature and can irritate and cause dryness on certain skin types. Use lemon in combination with other skin-soothing ingredients such as honey or yogurt, never on its own.

Little goes a long way; follow these tricks and you will have beautiful skin that is always smiling!

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