How To Thread Your Upper Lip

How To Thread Your Upper Lip

1.  Take about a 2-feet long piece of cotton thread. There is no specific kind of thread that you need to have for threading, but choose a strong, good quality thread that is unlikely to snap easily. Cotton thread spools, which are used for sewing are perfect for this purpose. With practice, you will know what length of thread works best for you. Some people find they have more control with a really short thread, while others may be happier with more room to move around.

How To Thread Your Upper Lip1

2.  Hold both the ends of the thread between your fingers and knot them tightly together to make a circle of thread.

Beauticians are generally seen using thread straight from the reel with one end in the mouth and the other held in the hand, but you don’t need that kind of technical perfection in the beginning. Also, it will be extremely difficult to thread your own upper lip in this way, so there’s no need to try that).


3.  Hold the thread with both your hands and wind it at the centre about ten times. The wound-up part should lie at the center of the circle.


4.  Loop the thread around the fingers of both hands as shown in the picture. Widen the fingers of one hand and while closing the fingers of the other hand simultaneously. This will make the wound-up portion slide along towards the hand whose fingers are closed. Refer to the picture for help.


5.  Practice closing the fingers of the open hand and opening the fingers of the closed hand to slide the wound-up portion back and forth. Once you get the hang of it, move to the next step.


6.  Don’t start out on your upper lip for the first time. Do a trial on some other body part, such as the leg, which is easily reachable and has enough hair growth for you to see without a mirror.


Place the thread on the part of the leg you want to start practicing on. When you do this, make sure the wound-up part is at one end of the hair, and the thread on the other side is angles out from both sides of the hair you wish to remove.

7.  Slide the wound-up portion to the other side with your hand movements, ensuring that it catches the hair while moving forward. As this happens, the hair will be lifted from the root and pulled out as it moves back and forth.


8.  You can then start on your upper lip with a dab on talcum powder on the lip area to get rid of any oiliness. Do the same movement to get rid of all the hair. You already know how to tighten the skin on the lip by placing your tongue tightly under it inside your mouth or by rolling lips inwards. Just sit before a mirror and get going!

Remember to put a soothing cream or astringent as you normally do after a parlour visit.


You will need lots of practice before you are becoming good at it. Once you are confident with threading your upper lip yourself, you don’t need to wait for hair to grow back before your next threading session at the salon. You can do it yourself at regular intervals from the convenience of your home whenever you need to.

Here is a video to help you along:

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      1. The Braun one!! 🙂 🙂 That I shared here sometime back…in some post!! 😀 It works great on eyebrows too..and a separate extension can take care of sensitive areas trimming too!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  1. i prefer bleaching my face and then covering with makeup..somehow threading is extremely very painful for me and will avoid it at all costs 🙁 cant help it for my eyebrows though..

    1. This method doesn’t pain that much aruna. I have been doing this for about 4 years now and it is amazing how much control it gives you. Also, when you can predict which area will be threaded next, the pain drastically reduces. Give it a shot. 🙂

  2. i had seen a video of this b4 also but sumhow i’m not able to do this threading at home myself.. still wud try again.. 😐

  3. Hmmm…. Nice article 😉 I have been doing my own threading since I was 17. It is almost 8 years n I’m glad I saved my time n money from parlor. I’m abroad now n I know how much it costs here to get an eyebrow shaping n upper lip threading done. Good to try ourselves. Any party or any outing, no worries for me. Just takes 10 mins for that hairless face!

  4. Can you believe it that I learnt the trick of self threading my upper lip, while watching the Carol Gracias in the first season of Big Boss!!! B-)

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