Ask IMBB Gang : Threading or Waxing

Ask IMBB GangErin asks

Which is better – Waxing or Threading of your upper lip hair ? In the long run,will waxing affect your skin?


29 thoughts on “Ask IMBB Gang : Threading or Waxing

  1. Never done it… Never needed it… So don’t know..

    But I heard threading hurts a lot na…
    so maybe waxing is better..

    1. How lucky can you get Mrun… almost on to my greeen face now! Actually na, I don’t find threading all that painful as long as I make sure I don’t wait too long between appointments 😀

    2. Even i’vnt ever done or needed it for upper lips- but recently my friend who was tired of all this waxing/threading did a laser treatment for her upper lips-a permanent solution of course and she s v happy abt the results

  2. Thankfully I do not have to get threading or waxing for upper lip or eyebrows down 🙂 so no clues… however looking at the pain women go through in threading, wax should be a good option.

  3. I wish I didn’t need it!
    I prefer threading, it does hurts but it takes just a minute!
    Sometimes I use wax and I don’t see any difference actually,
    but it takes a little extra time and sometimes my skin turns red for a little while.
    .-= Sunaina´s last blog ..Roller coaster rides =-.

      1. i have very fine hair so the tiny, baby ones don’t get waxed. hence the threading.
        and i’ve noticed it on other women as well that threading does a cleaner job. it’s just that i’m too scared to JUST thread because i don’t like that tingling sensation and my eyes start watering and then i start sneezing too. waxing does the job quickly then the teeny tiny bit is taken care of by threading.
        gosh how i ramble on and on…
        .-= Rima Kaur´s last blog ..Beneath The Smiles =-.

  4. In the long run, laser will give great results, waxing leaves a newly-shaved moustache kind of effect, threading is so painful…………..Ouch……can’t think of getting upper lid threaded….. 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥

  5. Even I start sneezing with threading and throughout the threading session, I have to say “excuse me” “excuse me” to the lady.

  6. I get ugly red rashes with threading… not to mention swelling… think monkey face 🙁

    so waxing is the only option for me… but it does not clean out the entire growth… so like rima, it has to be followed up by threading….

    oh, i and i join all the ladies J about some of us not needing it… 😛
    .-= anks´s last blog ..Blog Giveaway at IMBB =-.

  7. i used to wax before but as mentioned by Rima it requires threading later on.That’s why decided better to thread entirely. less hassle !!

  8. i’v tried both.. both go ok wid me. 😎 .. Threading is easy n quick n doesnt hurt me much so i opt mostly for tht..

  9. ya waxing does loosen skin but do it just in a single go
    dont pull again and again
    i cut out veet strips and use that and then i thread my self
    the parlor lady can be violent and the thread may just roughen the skin…..and they give me cuts too sometimes :pissedoff:
    that way its super clean and i dont need the parlor
    see if we wear lipstick upperlip has to be clean! :beauty:

  10. i have never tried waxing my upper lips before :-/ , i prefer threading. And i find that my hair has become so fine now. :-))

  11. Definitely waxing. Threading is too painful.
    On the other hand, threading gives you more control over the shape you want to create.
    If you choose to wax, it’s almost necessary to go over your brows with a tweezer for shaping, but overall it’s less painful. Threading makes me cry! I can’t even think of threading my upper lip 🙁 !
    .-= Devika ´s last blog ..More Kitchen Love =-.

  12. I don’t thread or wax my upper lip. Just wax my legs. Have very thin hair on my face, so its almost not there on my upper lip!

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