TIGI Bed Head Hot Head 1875W Ionic Ceramic Dryer Model BH407 Review

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TIGI Bed Head Hot Head 1875W Ionic Ceramic Dryer Model BH407

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Hi Beautiful IMBBians..

Hope all of you are doing fine! We are experiencing cold rain showers since the day I started blabbering about scorching summers strange! I also wonder why weekdays are hot and cloudy while weekends are mostly windy, rainy and cold! Aadya and mumma both are getting bored. Anyways, I am here to share my first hair styling purchase with you all today, that is an ionic ceramic hair dryer from TIGI Bed head.



I have been dreaming of a decent hair dryer since the day I started taking my hair care and grooming seriously.. 😛 My hair are blessed with oily scalp but dry hair texture, not to forget they are frizzy and tend to break very often with slight pressure. After much googling I found out that certain Ceramic component hair dryers prevent section of our hairs from overheating or over drying, enhancing even distribution of heat and preventing moisture loss. Moreover, tourmaline and ceramic components enhanced dryers seem to be a boon for frizzy hair as they dry hair quickly, lock in moisture and shine.

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Ionic technology infused dryers produce negative ions that neutralize hair positive charge and make them sleek. With regular use, ionic dryers claim to make hair healthier and decrease frizz as they seal in moisture, work best for delivering super straight, sleek appearance; a must have for hair like I am blessed with. So I was really excited to get benefit of all three technologies all together. Let’s get set go with TIGI Bed Head Ionic ceramic dryer.


Price: $24-$34, price may vary store to store, I bought it for $24.24 including taxes.

Product Description: The Bed Head Hot Heat Ionic Dryer is loaded with all the features needed to create the edgiest styles and it makes a fashion statement with its sleek brushed chrome nozzle.

• Dries fast and fights the frizz
• Features Ionic technology for shine and touchable texture
• Cold Shot Button locks in the look all day long
• 2 heat settings, 2 speeds
• Concentrator attachment for precise styling
• Removable end cap for easy cleaning
• Model # BH407


My take on TIGI Bed Head Hot Head 1875W Ionic Ceramic Dryer Model BH407:

I was truly excited for this hair dryer as it is ceramic, tourmaline and ionic dryer yay! The silver-pink sleek packaging is love at first sight and it is so gentle and light weight that even my baby lifts it up and starts imitating my moves.. 😛 It is very simple and easy to operate, it has one-one options for hot air and warm air respectively; while one set of option for high and low intensity blow air. Not to forget cold press button in neon green. This hair dryer comes with medium length cord and adaptor hence I can use it anywhere however all our sockets are fixed at ground level (other than washroom) hence I need to bend down on knees to work with dryer. Moreover, I would avoid using dryer post shower immediately in washroom as I read moist places are not good to try blow drying. I also read that once getting immersed in water, this dryer stops functioning for a while, good for safety concerns. It is easy to clean up as its end cap is removable and hence after every 4-5 blow drying sessions I can simply brush off dirt/hairs if any.

Now most impressive feature is its green blow nozzle attachment, I read that nozzle attachment helps in focusing air output while using brush or other styling attachments on hairs. And I can feel that nozzle helps in fast drying without ripping off moisture in small sections of my hairs effectively. Not to forget another most helpful feature, its wattage which is ideal for fine, straight and medium length hairs. Ideally short hairs can do well with lesser wattage like 1200-1500 watt and I found out this 1875 wattage is apt for my medium length, thick hairs, especially when I am novice for styling and blow drying.


For beginners including me, this pink hot hair dryer is great to start with. And I must say I have been using it since couple of months and it totally replaced my critic views about hair dryers. My mum and elders always convinced me to stay away from hair dryers, as they may enhance hair fall and other frizzy, drying issues; but I never experienced frying/drying or hair fall particularly after using this hair dryer. I generally feel low intensity and warm blow setting does not always work for my towel dried medium length hairs (may be because I limit its usage as styling tool), I need high and hot air setting preferably (post wash) for my waist length hairs and it takes almost half an hour to blow dry my hairs completely provided I do not style them. However, low and warm blow air is ideal for my sensitive scalp, which ensures my scalp is not ripped off moisture and it also helps in avoiding accidental hair fall due to stress & tension you know what I mean..?

I just use it on my medium length towel dried hair starting from my scalp and then gradually moving downwards maintaining distance and I never felt any side effects of same. I take small sections of hair and it gently absorbs moisture while leaving them slight moist and shiny, I do feel slight stiffness in my hair strands which is visible and experienced while touching them but I would not call it fried anyways.. :P. I can also notice that if I move this blow dryer parallel to my strands rather than moving up and down, it makes them silky and styled and then I just need to press cold button to set down my style. However, I am still learning how to curl and style hair but this pink beauty definitely infused styling ideas in my head! I am also impressed to notice that just blow drying my hair for few minutes, gives them enough volume and bouncy effect which lasts for 10-12 hours and really looks great! I just wish, this cold press button should have on/off button as I need to press it down while using dryer which often hurts my fingers and I can never do it at one go, I need to take small breaks. The biggest yay for me is, I can set my frizzy hair free other than braiding or binding in pony unlike other days. I always experienced bad hair days especially while going out but now post washing I just set hot and high or sometimes warm/low setting in this dryer, brush my hair with wide comb and voila my wavy ends are all set and straight! It works well for my front bangs too.


I can say that my hair look more or less local salon styled.. hihi though I have a long way to go and I believe practice make a (wo)man perfect and soon I would be able to get that perfect salon effect at home with this dryer. I have never tried curling or other complex styles till date hence I could not swear if it works well in that horizon. Over all, I would say as long as I am learning new simple styles I am super happy with this affordably cheap hair dryer, but yes it may not be great for professional and styling maestros though. It is super duper hit for beginners and learners, just get it and you will love to get that more or less salon (local salon.. :P) quality hair style at home.

Pros of TIGI Bed Head Hot Head 1875W Ionic Ceramic Dryer Model BH407:

• This bed head ionic dryer is loaded with all possible best features to create style along with maintaining silky, sleek texture of normal hairs
• It is light weight and easy to work with one hand as well
• I enjoy benefits of tourmaline, ceramic and ionic technology in one affordable cheap dryer how cool is that
• Comes with chrome nozzle to focus air output and removable end cap for easy and mess free cleaning
• It has easy peasy two sets of buttons for hot air- warm air and low heat-high heat settings, such mess free operating for beginners especially

• It does have cold press button to set any style
• It is less noisy than other hair dryers I have noticed
• Its ionic technology really helps in taming frizzy hairs and maintaining shiny. Silky texture of my hair
• I never noticed hair fall or hair frying effect particularly after using this hair dryer so far
• It is effective in blow drying and setting simple style within few minutes with its two heat output settings and chrome nozzle
• It works well on my medium length, layered hairs apart from setting and maintaining my front bangs
• Whatever I read or heard about tourmaline & ionic technology is well visible and experienced personally as my hairs are still silky, frizz free and I just feel they are stiff not fried, they look more bouncy and healthy over all
• I limit its usage to twice a week and must say my scalp is less oily, no itching irritation so far, hair strands feel stiff and healthy as well
• I use it as directed in their instruction booklet, it really works well if we use it on scalp with low-warm heat setting and then gradually moving down in small section, parallel to hair strand

• It gave volume and bouncy effect to my hairs for 10-12 hours, I never styled them free but now I set them open more often
• The best feature, it maintains my front bangs very well and set them in place all day long
• I must say, as a beginner it definitely helped me in clearing my basic concepts and now I feel and enjoy salon styled hairs more or less
• I am in love with its hot silver pink packaging which is my fav color
• Could not ask more from this super duper cheap hair dryer which is light weight, I m sure I will carry it anywhere without bothering about luggage weight in check ins

Cons of TIGI Bed Head Hot Head 1875W Ionic Ceramic Dryer Model BH407:

• Well I just wish its cold press button should have on/off setting, my fingers hurt a lot while using it all over head, I never finish my task at one go
• I guess it may be just a toy for hair styling pros and masters
• As long as you are beginner, it is great tool to help you with simple style and bangs I don’t think it may help with other complex styles and layered hair

• It does take time in drying my towel dried hair completely but I understand it is for good, but it may be irritating when you are running short of time

As of now I am in love with this cute pink beauty and enjoying my hair style experiments these days. I wonder, hairs are integral part of our beauty and I always ignored this fact. I am trying to get some good hair grooming tricks, as I am hooked onto this pink beauty. I would highly recommend this simple, easy to maintain and operate hair dryer to every novice and beginner gal preferably, it is ideal girly stuff to start with. Believe me you will never go wrong with this beauty stuff. Sorry to say, it might be a skip for professional and salon gals though.. 😛

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