Tigi Bed Head Urban Anti-Dotes Recovery #2 Shampoo And Conditioner Review

by Kanishka M.

Hello dear readers, I’m Kanishka and this is my first post here. I love how this community has saved me from making pointless purchases and how it’s helped me to absolutely always make the right choice when I was torn between products. Everything that I know about skincare and beauty today, a major portion I owe to this amazing blog! As to the review, let’s get started. So I was just strolling around a departmental store, when something blue caught my eye. I went ahead to the Hair Care Counter and asked to be shown the product. And believe me ladies, in that moment, I fell in love.

Tigi Bed Head Urban Anti Dotes


If you’ve used Tigi Products before, you’d know that they’re packaging is beyond awesome. And didn’t I mention that I fell for it because of the packaging in the first place?


Urban Antidote #2: You’ve dyed, you’ve fried, so take your dull hair to the bright side! Help moisture-deprived hair to the ultimate recovery. Let this potion help strengthen and shine your worn out locks. (I love the witty description!).

The shampoo is for Rs.700 for 250 ml whilst the conditioner is for Rs.750 for 200 ml…. err I guess about the conditioner, can’t really remember, pardon me.

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Tigi Bed Head Urban Anti Dotes

Tigi Bed Head Urban Anti Dotes

The Experience with Tigi Bed Head Urban Anti-Dotes Recovery #2 Shampoo And Conditioner:

A Footnote: I understand that the containment of SLS in shampoo’s is a rising concern. However, according to doctors, if used upto thrice a week, SLS will not dry your scalp out or cause you adverse problems. My personal dermatologist agrees upon this. I have an oily scalp, so I need to shampoo daily. Hence, on the days, I’m not using this, I use my SLS free shampoo. Therefore, this shampoo, is more of an indulgence, than something to be used daily.

Tigi Bed Head Urban Anti Dotes

This shampoo conditioner duo has a rather candy-like or gum-ball like fragrance, which I love about it! Like, if you’re a candy junkie, this stuff can even cheer you up when you feel low. The shampoo, since the first wash, makes my hair feel hydrated, supple, and very very clean. It also leads to my best friend sniffing my hair all the time! The conditioner on the other hand is also absolutely stunning! It is so moisturizing that you’ll find yourself always fidgeting or playing with your hair.

After the wash, my hair feels super hydrated, bouncy and luxurious. Over time, it also adds a natural lustre and I believe it brings out the brown in my hair in the limelight. (Dove does that for me as well). It also boosts my self-esteem because my hair smells awesome, looks awesome and it always makes me cheery!

Tigi Bed Head Urban Anti Dotes

This shampoo and conditioner duo, is for curly haired beauties like myself, since our hair tends to either get flat just below our crown or the ends tend to feel rough. I use these two products either when I’ve had a bad day, I’m looking forward to an important rendezvous or maybe when I feel like my hair just needs it. And currently, these two are my favorite!

Tigi Bed Head Urban Anti Dotes

So to sum up.

Pros of Tigi Bed Head Urban Anti-Dotes Recovery #2 Shampoo And Conditioner:

  • The packaging. It’s chic, it’s classy, it’s witty and it’s perfect.
  • The fragrance. For teenagers especially, is to die for.
  • I love how it makes my hair feel super hydrated and my curls really bouncy.
  • The fragrance lingers all day. *Happy Dance*

Cons of Tigi Bed Head Urban Anti-Dotes Recovery #2 Shampoo And Conditioner:

  • Highly priced.
  • Sulfates and other chemicals.

Would I recommend Tigi Bed Head Urban Anti-Dotes Recovery #2 Shampoo And Conditioner?

Of course, they’re fantabulous! If you love a relaxing wash after a long, tiring day or contrastingly if you’re looking forward to a big day, this is what you need. The lingering fragrance will keep reminding you of happy treats and give you good vibes.

IMBB Rating: 4.5/5

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