TIGI Freako Eco Cherry Almond Texturizer Review

TIGI Freako Eco Cherry Almond Texturizer

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Today’s product up for review is the TIGI’s Freako Eco Cherry Almond Texturizer. As I told you guys in my TIGI haul last month I picked up two products, the Rockaholic hair setting spray (which was a super-hit) and this hair texturizer. Let’s jump onto the detailed review to know how this one turned up :pompom:


Packaging And Price:

This product comes in a plastic pastel green tub with a black cap. The fragrance is divine, omg !! one of those things you wish you could eat :toothgrin: . The disappointment comes as soon as you open the tub and the quantity is exactly, yes exactly half the size of the tub.

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It came for INR 743 (yup no discount :/ )


The sole purpose of me for buying such a product was to give my styled hair little shine and smoothness, also to keep flyways away. I knew a couple of my friends using hair wax for the same. The website mentioned that this product has a flexible hold as well. The texture of this product is pretty sticky and hard to work with.


My take on TIGI Freako Eco Cherry Almond Texturizer:

My hair quality is pretty okay. They are fine and wavy neither very smooth and shiny nor very dry or curly. We all want those oh-so-shiny and absolutely hydrated and tamed hair as in those hair commercials (especially dove commercials!! ) for that I have religiously do my hair routines to make them better.

Often styled hair get a little dry at the ends and tend to look all dull and distressed, maybe it’s because of all the heat but they do not make your hair look any better. I bought this product thinking of taming those bad boys. And seriously speaking, people had talked this product up so much (on the website I bought it from) and till date I am still figuring out how to use this damn thing.

I started off by using it on styled hair as a finishing product and the experience was pathetic. The texture is super sticky ( in a bad way), I worked it up between my finger tips, warmed it up and applied on the ends ,it made them yucky sticky and oily looking. Since then I have used it on damp hair ,wet hair ,dry hair, and it did not work for me anyhow.

One day I tried it on my mother, she has colored , dry ,curly hair ,and she loved it !!! :happydance:

Her hair was smooth and soft the whole day and almost no fly always. This thing does have flexible hold, I sometimes use it to style my fringe (without hold) and that is it.

This made me conclude that you should only go for it, if you have dry curly , difficult to manage hair.


Pros of TIGI Freako Eco Cherry Almond Texturizer:

• Has flexible hold
• Fragrant
• You just need a tiny bit of the product , goes a long way
• Gives a good result for dry and curly hair type.

Cons of TIGI Freako Eco Cherry Almond Texturizer:

• Weird extremely sticky consistency, difficult to work with it.
• Disappointment on finding out the tub only half filled with product.
• Not useful for every hair type
• Gives an oily look if more than required product is used.

Final word: Do skip it if you have a normal hair type , you could give it a try if you have s-shaped dry curly hair, because it will work for you. If you just wish to make your hair better looking, skip it and look for some other finishing product.

Please if any of you guys know any other way so that I can make it work for myself. Please do tell.

Thank you in advance!!

Rating : 2.5/5

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6 thoughts on “TIGI Freako Eco Cherry Almond Texturizer Review

  1. AWww i wished it worked for you *cry* *cry* *headbang* although such balms normally make the hair very greasy as you said *headbang* however i liked the concept and glad that it did not go a waste … your mom can use it now *happy dance*

  2. Me tooo *cry*
    Yeahhh absolutly !! She loves using this on her hair.. *clap* .. texturizers are meant to be greasy and sticky too but makes your hair all tamed and shiny.. it just doesnt work with normal hair..

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