9 Time Saving Tricks for Gorgeous Hair

Hello gorgeous IMBBians.
All of us want to look gorgeous without putting in too much effort. In this post I will share some time-saving and hands-off ideas that can give you bouncy shiny hair that looks highly maintained. Let’s get started girls.

Time saving tricks

1. Cutting Layers
Long layers that fall between the jaw line and the shoulder blades give you the most versatility. They frame your face, looks great blown out but is even better air-dried. Bonus: It also requires less frequent salon visits than a short style, a blunt bob, or heavy bangs, because the lines are more forgiving as they grow out.

2. Blow-Dry Basics

A smooth blow-dry is a sheer waste of time if you plan to add texture as hair that is too smooth will not hold curl as well. You can make blow-drying less tedious by this expert recommended trick. Flip your wet hair upside down and blast with a dryer until it’s almost dry, then go over only the top layer with a big curling iron to create loose waves.

3. Night-time Prep:
You can save precious time in the morning by prepping before bed: Wash your hair, apply a smoothing serum, and set your hair. For loose waves and smooth roots, split your hair into two sections, then twisting each side back, away from the face, and wrapping into small buns. Secure with bobby pins; release in the morning. You will have voluminous bouncy waves which looks glamorous without hassles.

4. Go Easy on the hairstyling products:
To increase the gap between successive shampoo washes, it’s recommended that you use very little styling product on day one, since they can attract grime from the environment and make hair look dirty faster. Stick to a few drops of smoothing serum, like Matrix Biolage Smoothing Serum, and apply from mid-shaft to ends.

5. Shower your hair with TLC:
hair care products
Healthy hair is easier to style, because you aren’t trying to tame frizz or hide breakage. So a hair repair masque or hydration-restore therapy works well at regular intervals. A treatment takes 10-15 minutes and helps repair heat damage and adds shine. Also use a silk or satin pillowcase to prevent shaft damage.

6. Don’t go overboard with Dry Shampoo:
A dry shampoo undoubtedly helps extend the time between shampoos and remove greasiness. However excess use of dry shampoo can lead to hair getting very brittle and prone to breakage. Also, dry shampoo can build up on the scalp and start clogging the hair follicles.

7. Twisted Tales:
If you’re going to air-dry, you can still shape your hair so that it dries in a polished way. Top hairstylists recommend creating a defined part, then applying a light cream. Then divide hair into a few sections and twist them away from your face. Then don’t touch your hair until it dries. Doing so minimizes frizz and controls hair without the hassle of a hot tool.

8. Prolong Your Color:
The ombré hair-color trend that came in vogue a few years back are still a hotcake .You can give off-the-root highlights to brunette or dark blond hair if you want to stretch time between hair color appointments.

9. Focus on hair care:
Invest time or money in one high-maintenance service in order to be lower maintenance on a daily basis. Opt for a keratin smoothing treatment every three to four months to make blow-drying and frizz-fighting go more quickly.

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