How To Make Tinted Lip Balm: Do It Yourself

How To Make Tinted Lip Balm: Do It Yourself

Hey All,

I am now here to begin a series of some amazing DIYs.  Off late, I tried my hands at a couple of crafts, beauty crafts and home décor stuff. Some of them worked very well, some were okay and some miserably failed.  It hurts to see your hard work going waste, but can’t help it and then when a craft works well, and I use it in my daily life or see it sitting pretty in some corner, it makes me feel that in the end, it is all worth it.

So, here is your first DIY – re-using an old lip balm and adding a tint to it.

You Will Need:

How To Make Tinted Lip Balm Do It Yourself

A food coloring agent, an old lip balm, an empty pot and some oil or butter (this one is totally optional).


1. Scoop out a tea spoon or whatever amount you need of a lip balm in a bowl. I used my VLCC mint shield lip balm. Though I love the cooling sensation of this, I hate the way it dries my lips out. While buying it, I had completely forgotten that peppermint is drying in nature. Since then I have hardly used it and I have been looking for ways to re-use it.

2. Mix the food color with the lip balm.

Tinted Lip Balm 1

3. If you wish, you can also add a bit of olive oil or shea butter or cocoa butter to it, but this is entirely a personal choice.

4. Pour it in an empty pot.

Tinted Lip Balm 2

5. Let it stand for 1-2 hours, possibly in a refrigerator.

Tinted Lip Balm 3

6. Done!

Tinted Lip Balm 5

Tinted Lip Balm 6

Note 1:

Before you set out to do this, arrange a nice food coloring agent. It is recommended to TEST the food color on your skin first. Though I feel thing that we can consume should not create a problem on skin, but still you never know.

Note 2:

If you can find natural food color available of a good quality color, pick that up. I didn’t have a choice, so I used this sidey color that is available here. Later, I repented using it as I just couldn’t stand its smell. So, I would suggest you guys to check such things out before trying this out.

Note 3:

I didn’t realize it and made the mistake. I later discovered that my color was very difficult to mix with the lip balm, I could spot the color particles. There was something wrong with this lip balm. I later tried mixing a drop of my lip gloss with the balm and that also didn’t mix up properly. So, I would suggest you either dissolve a bit of color in 2 drops of water and then mix lip balm or else you mix the lip balm little by little.

Note 4:

Since our lips are very sensitive, you may want to try out a little color on your lips first for a few minutes. If it irritates, drop this else go ahead. I am laying so much on emphasis on food color because we really cannot trust the foods today due to amount of adulteration.

Note 5:

Someone suggested we can also try adding the food coloring agents that we get in dry squash powders like orange flavors, lemon flavors, etc. Since we don’t get these here I couldn’t try these and hence cannot comment on their usability.

Note 6:

If you do not have a spare lip balm and still want to try this out, just scoop out a bit of Vaseline or Boroline!

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36 thoughts on “How To Make Tinted Lip Balm: Do It Yourself

  1. Nice DIY Surabhi.. Hats off to your creative mind for delivering innovative ideas 🙂 I will definitely try this out as I am bored with my plain Vaseline lip balms 🙂 Thanks!

  2. wow that’s a superb… a must try 🙂 how about using a drop of rose essence (the red colored one). I have the organic form of that, will that work?

      1. ohh please don’t mention that.. in fact your DIY’s gave me the inspiration to share mine 🙂 🙂 I will try this lip balm with rose essence and let you know 🙂 🙂

  3. sounds interesting and easily do-able… just a small query… will the food color leave behind color on the lips, like even after the effect of the balm is gone? thanks in advance 🙂

    1. Ritu, I think so. Mine did but then I thought maybe its my food color and I am not sure of its quality also since I mixed it with butter.. it wasnt properly dissolved so maybe thats why it left a bit of color behind.

      Maybe you can do a patch test before by mixing the color and a pinch of lip balm.

  4. Super DIY! I love the idea of using a food colouring agent. I don’t like those DIY lip balms where we use old lipsticks. Eew. Will try this for sure. Perhaps I can even use a crazy colour like blue and save that balm for Halloween parties (or just for randomly scaring mother – “Mum! The food was poisoned. Look at my lips! I’m dyyinnn…!”). 😀

  5. wow surabhi.. you are so creative.. i can never do anything like this 😛 love ur DIYs.. i had vlcc lip balm too.. i didnt like it at all. i was so fed up from it that i threw it. if i had known you would have done this DIY, i would have never thrown it 🙂

    1. 😀 I did a bit of research on colors used in cosmetics. So while many companies use chemically derived colors through iron oxide and zinc oxide, some also use food coloring agents. Thats where I got the idea from..

  6. wow.. awesome,.. Am going to try it out this christmas.. 🙂 wt an innovative idea!! U are genius surabhi.. 🙂 merry christmas to cute lil bundle of joy & her beautiful mommy daddy from Aadya & family.. 🙂

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