Tip & Toes Essentials Anti-blemish Daily Moisturizer Review

Tip & Toes Essentials Anti-blemish Daily Moisturizer

Hello cuties,

I hope everyone is doing great. As I have mentioned earlier I was using Richfeel anti blemish cream during bed time. It is not over so I picked another one. That cream did not deal with my very stubborn blemishes so was looking for a cram which could make that happen. A month back, I was browsing online and saw this one. I never knew that Tips & Toes skincare, so let’s see how this is.

Tip&Toes  Essentials Anti-blemish Daily Moisturizer


Rs. 120 for 120 ml

Product description:

A balanced and lightweight formulation of pure and exotic butters, berry extracts, pomegranate seeds, aha, aloe-vera juice, natural wheat germ oil and other vital ingredients, it nourishes, protects, smoothens taking years off your skin. Tips & Toes Essentials Anti Blemish Daily Moisturizer effectively reduces dark-spots and blemishes and also prevents them from reappearing.

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How I like Tip & Toes Essentials Anti-blemish Daily Moisturizer:

This is my first product from this brand, I found this one online, the availability in the stores might be doubtful. The lotion comes in a purplish brown bottle which is quite big so the quantity that they have put in inside is really good but the bottle being opaque you cannot really see how much lotion is being used within a period of time. The bottle is quite sturdy so does not leak even if dropped. But it is quite huge so would not be easy to carry while travelling. It has a flip-open cap which makes it very convenient to use. The hole from which the product comes out is quite tiny so the lotion is not wasted, I really liked this. These bottles are of course better than those night cream tubs where you have to dip in your finger. Talking about the lotion, it is thin in consistency, not that runny. But differs from those creams that you use at night time. The lotion is white in consistency.

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The smell is a little overpowering but will go withing a few minutes. It smells like a mixture of berries and pomegranate which is really good but people with sensitive noses might not like it. When I applied the product it stung for 5 minutes on my skin and I immediately went near the air conditioner to get some cool air. But I kept on massaging my face while standing in front of the air conditioner and it stopped stinging. I have to do this everytime I apply this but that’s okay for me. I got absorbed quite nicely as it is a lotion and not very thick like the other creams. My skin felt good and moisturized all night. I noticed my skin was even more soft when I got up in the morning and a clean looking face was seen but that was of course temporary. It lightened up my blemishes and acne-scars and luckily the stubborn ones also started to fade. But this does not happen overnight, I used it for a complete one month and also currently using it. But definitely you will see the change in a month, all you need is patience. I do not use it during the day time as it does not have spf, for the day time I use my Garnier one. Overall it did what it said but it did not say that it will sting and it did. But I always think that the product is reacting for good. 😛

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Pros of Tip & Toes Essentials Anti-blemish Daily Moisturizer:

-Available online
-Long bottle which has a huge quantity
-Thin in consistency so gets easily absorbed
-Contains many natural ingredients
-Packaging is very convenient
-Noticed that very stubborn blemishes were also fading
-Clean, clear and soft face in the morning

Cons of Tip & Toes Essentials Anti-blemish Daily Moisturizer:

-Stings for 5 minutes after application.
-Cannot be used as a day cream as it does not have SPF.

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Will I repurchase/recommend Tip & Toes Essentials Anti-blemish Daily Moisturizer?

Yes, I am surely going to repurchase this as it faded the acne scars nicely and as I have an acne prone skin I will always need this. Yes, I do recommend this to beauties with an acne prone skin, this will work really well if you can bare the stinging part.

IMBB Rating: 4/5

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    1. yeah Neha di … *haan ji* it does sting *cry* but i think its because i have an acne prone skin.. might not sting for women with normal skin unlike mine lol *hihi* *hihi*

    1. *thankyou* *thankyou* sooo much Sush *woot* *happydance* i bought it from slassy… *happy dance* they had other variants as well *powder* *pompom*

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