Tip & Toes Essentials Intense Moisturizer Review

Tip & Toes Essentials Intense Moisturizer

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I am sharing a moisturizer from Tips and toes. Tips and toes skin care moisturizer comes in three variants, Saloni had already reviewed the anti blemish moisturizer. As, her review was given good ratings, I picked this one without thinking too much. Read on to know more.

Tip & Toes Essentials Intense Moisturizer

Price and quantity:

Inr 75 for 65 ml

Product description

A unique formula enriched with pure exotic butters and natural honey for intense smoothening and moisturization. It also contains grape seed extracts a strong hydrating agent that improves the elasticity of the skin and instantly rejuvenates dry and flaky skin, making it smooth, soft and supple.

Tip & Toes Essentials Intense Moisturizer4

My experience with the Tip & Toes Essentials Intense Moisturizer

The moisturizer comes in a purplish brown bottle with a flip open cap. The quantity for the price is good. The packaging of the bottle is opaque and you cannot really see how much of the product is left with you after a period of usage. The bottle is quite sturdy so does not leak even if dropped. This is a small variant size I bought to try and it is travel friendly. The hole in the bottle is very small and only little product comes out so product wastage doesn’t happen.

Tip & Toes Essentials Intense Moisturizer

The fragrance of the moisturizer has a very sweet smell and it is quite strong, I really liked the fragrance. It stays around for about 20 minutes and then it fades away. It smells like honey and it is really nice on the skin. People with sensitive noses might not like it and you can skip this moisturizer. The consistency of the moisturizer is quite thick not runny, a small product is sufficient and this small variant itself has lasted me more than 18 days. It gets absorbed really quick and well like a lotion. My skin felt soft and moisturized after application. The moisturizer leaves skin nicely hydrated, I apply it in the night and I really don’t have to bother to reapply it again. I have been using the Ponds moisturizer earlier, but I like this one more. I have been using it regularly as the winters are setting in and I really like this one, it stays for more time and skin feels really hydrated.

Tip & Toes Essentials Intense Moisturizer

Pros of Tip & Toes Essentials Intense Moisturizer :

• Packaging is convenient and travel friendly.
• Affordable price and good quantity.
• Consistency helps it get easily absorbed.
• Stays for longer period of time, more than 5 hours.
• Skin feels well hydrated and soft.
• It did not cause allergy.

Tip & Toes Essentials Intense Moisturizer5

Tip & Toes Essentials Intense Moisturizer6

Cons of Tip & Toes Essentials Intense Moisturizer

• Some may not like the strong fragrance
• It doesn’t contain SPF
• It contains parabens

Will I repurchase/recommend Tip & Toes Essentials Intense Moisturizer?

Yes, I am surely going to repurchase it and will also try the other variants too. Yes, I do recommend it to everyone.

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