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Ask IMBB Gang
Nivedita Asks:

I need to know if anybody has ever ever used Tips n Toes? I saw one of their blushes which comes in two colors in a palette and I have a mind to buy it. If anybody knows anything about Tips n Toes (not the nail polish) please let me know.


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    1. Hi Rati,

      not sure about blushes but a month back had bought 4 of their lipshades and few days later they have b’come hard on the tube itself and started smelling like castor oil…. 😥 even when u apply with their own brand of lipgloss they looked awkward after 10 mins of application …for me overall products were bad….. 🙁 would never go again….

      1. Diya I would have to agree on the quality part. I remem my mom used to buy tips and toes nail paints years back.I never liked them back then as well. They used to be too watery..

        Not expecting much from their makeup line as well. 🙁

  1. Was going through a recent ad in Femina abouth Tips and Toes makeup line and i was like..hv they woken up after 20 yrs…. agree with everyone…its not for me !

  2. Nivedita..I bought 2 liquid liners (green & blue) some 8-9 months back from Tips & Toes.they stay for a good 7-8 hours but if not used for a long time they tend to get dry.But blush I’vnt come across yet

  3. yes, they have a variety of products, but i never used them. they look good, but can’t tell abt quality. actually, i was wondering a few days ago whether they were good or not. i was planning to buy their eye pencils, but now im not. 😛
    @nivedita, r u from kolkata? i hav seen this brand at hatibagan. they hav an attractive website too. 😛

  4. i latestly bot the nail paint remover by them for 40 rs
    its pretty good
    rest…never seen anything anywhere 🙁
    has the brand risen from the grave :tremble:

  5. Hi,

    I got their eye-shadow in brown..actually i wanted to start with somethng cheap since its going to be my FIRST eye-shadow. Must say the colour is very pigmented and has a good staying power.
    No idea about their blushes though. And i also got a lip liner in coffee-color. Even thats good enough.

    You might want to try their shadows first.

  6. I have an eyeshadow quad from Tips and Toes. Two colours are pigmented, two are bad. I use only one. Not good quality for the price. I don’t have anything else nor would I buy anything.

  7. hav tried the eyeliner pencils(blue n pink) frm tips n toes around 6 yrs bak ?:-) mom had them bt she nvr used stuff like tht so after my college,i used the liners for sum time..gud color payoff, were soft to apply on eyes bt i remember tht the staying power was really bad,nt quite smooth also :-/ , cant say about other better u try other brands nivedita.. :-))

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