Tips And Tricks To Combat Oily Skin

Hi ladies,

I have an oily skin. It becomes really tough to handle all the excess oil on my face all the time especially in this humid weather. I have a very typical skin care regimen for my skin type. Today I will tell you about some tips and tricks that really work if you have an oily skin.


1. Pull Back On Creams

Instead of using heavy formula based night cream use a light absorbing lotion on your skin. I used to have a lot pimples. I started using Johnson’s baby milk lotion and it somehow works for me. It is very light weight and I don’t know how but I haven’t gotten a single pimple since then. Touch wood  🙂

2. Blotting papers are your best friend

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Keep blotting papers handy. They absorb any extra oil produced on your face without disrupting your makeup. Use them whenever you feel your face getting oily.

3. Rubbing Alcohol
If you have an extremely oil secreting T-Zone then you can combat this problem by taking a very small amount of rubbing alcohol on cotton ball and swipe on your problem areas. This can make your face really dry so use this technique when it’s absolutely necessary.


4. Gel Moisturizers


Instead of going for normal cream based moisturizers opt for gel moisturizers. Gel moisturizers usually have a high water content that provides hydration to the skin and it also very light on your face.

5. Exfoliate
Clogged pores can lead to blemishes and breakouts. Exfoliation helps to keep your pores clean and your skin fresher and cleaner than usual. So exfoliate thrice a week with a gentle scrub.


6. Eating right matters too


It is not just about the products but also about what you eat. Spicy foods dilate your blood vessels and cause you to sweat. So avoid too much of spice in your foods. Increase the intake of vitamin-A in your diet as it slows down oil production in your body.


7. Clay masks

clay mask

Clay masks are gentle on the skin and can also help minimize the appearance of pores. So use a clay mask once a week to help get rid of excess oil and any impurities in your skin.

Identify the problem

Sometimes no matter how many products we use. It just does not work! Oily skin can be the result of so many factors like seasonal changes, hormonal changes, overusing of skin care products, certain medications and many others. So if you think nothing is working out for you then do not shy away from consulting a dermatologist.


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