Tips and Tricks to Lose Weight

Tips and Tricks to Lose Weight

By Monika

Me: Hi fatty, what are you up to? How will you react on this?

You: With your entire frown.

First tell me do you desire this type of figure??

Nodding heads..I know. Wait!! Now, answer what you are doing to get the right body shape and figure?
Your answer: Nothing or a big silence.


Woman is a delicate and beautiful creation of the God. They are admired in every way, loved in every form mother wife, sister or friend. They take care of everyone but forget they need care and attention too. These days, women play with their body to have zero size body/figure.But there are women who are happy with their curves.

If you are a curvy woman then you must be happy but you have to struggle hard to maintain those beautiful curves. If you have some extra then inches as curves you must take care of that in order to not to turn those curves into obesity. So, all drama aside, focus on some tips and tricks to lose weight.

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Tips and Tricks for Weight Loss:

– If there are lots of eatables full of calories, throw or remove them from everywhere whether in the fridge or stored in the kitchen. When you do not have to eat then no calories will be gained.
– Research say that if you eat in colored plates or bowls like blue or green then it fills stomach fast as compared to other white or steel.
– Have a small diet of fruits or salads before  your dinner or lunch.
– Put healthy snacks in your bag while going out like fruits, dry nuts or glucose biscuits as they control hunger and provide instant energy.
– Eat at different times. It means normally we eat three times but try to have small meals 4-5 times so that you do not eat much at once. It will help the body to digest the food properly.
– Choose any hobby for workout whether indoor or outdoor.
– Stress the body by walking, workout, cycling or any jumping around with kids.
– Laugh a lot it also burns calories. Watch funny shows, baby’s funny video’s or cartoon like Tom & Jerry.
– Do not sit in one place for hours. If it’s not possible to take a walk in the office then try this. Its solution is washroom. Yes, washroom. Make some moves like twisting and bending. Touch your feet bending on knees will help back strengthening and relief you from back pain as well as reduce extra fat.
– Drink water with lemon juice mixed in it or cucumber pieces. It just like a treat.
– Shrink breath and body. It means take long breath {do not fill it in your stomach} stop inside your throat for few seconds you can bear as well as by shrinking your tummy inside. Then exhale by making your tummy relaxed by bringing in normal position.
– Drink lukewarm water half an hour just before your dinner and lunch. It will help you to eat less and make your stomach full.
– Write down what you eat from morning till night. It will make you realize what to eat and what not  to and also make you worried.
– If you take lunch with you on work then try to make it small. Do not misunderstand me..take up good food with all nutrients the body requires just in small proportions or a small Tiffin box.
– Down size your plate compared to your family. We can say kid size.
– Start taking vegetables soups and lots of salad just before dinner and lunch.
– Brush your teeth after taking your dinner/lunch/breakfast. It kinda weird but it will curb your eating desires .
– Cut down on calorie drinks like shakes, sweet juices and different wines.

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Motivate yourself with an aim:

– Put on skinny clothes that will motivate and call out to you “gurl, lose some inches to wear me!”
– Choose any dress from your past you are attached to or any dress you want to fit in. Hang it in your wardrobe or where it is easily visible to you. It will create an urge  but weight and few extra inches stops you.
– Put small notes inside your handbag to make yourself remember your weight loss promise and daily schedule.
– Fill your mobile playlist with upbeat tunes or songs you heard in the gym. It will motivate you to burn calories.
– Set workout wallpaper in your room, desktop and mobile as reminder and motivation.

you are what you eat

Ending with few quotes for motivation:

Hope this article on weight loss will help you in getting the desired results.
Stay fit and beautiful to keep your loved ones healthy.

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5 thoughts on “Tips and Tricks to Lose Weight

  1. Excellent ideas. Now if only i was dedicated enuf to follow it. *headbang* i loved the pic of that woman with all those veggies. So apt.

  2. This is the best article on weight loss~healthy eating!! You did a wonderful job!!! *announce* I usually take a big piece of cardboard/paper and tape all my healthy food pictures to it. I cut them out of all sorts of magazines. It is kind of like a vision board. How I see myself in the future. What volunteer work I would like to be part of~where I would like to travel to someday! All kinds of inspirational pictures to give me a boost to exercise everyday and eat healthy. Blessings, Brooke *thankyou* *jai ho*

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