Tips to Take Black and White Photos

It was not long ago when coloured photos took over black and white photography. It was shown the door and considered old and outdated. But these days you can see people rediscovering the beauty and power of black and white photos.

People are still drawn towards black-and-white photographs because it creates images that are so beautiful, personal and meaningful.


Colour can at times act as a interruption in a photo, and removing it can help to re-focus the viewer’s attention on the intended subject.

Tips to take black and white photos:

Here are some vital elements to consider while taking black-and-white photographs.

• Choose your subject carefully: A black-and-white photograph captures emotions and impressions with remarkable power.  The fewer the elements in such photograph, the more dreamy or dramatic it will be. Some subjects that look interesting in colour photos may look dull in black-and-white, so pay attention to what you are opting for. Choose a subject that looks interesting or dramatic in black-and-white and does not rely on colour for its beauty.


• Background is important: Make sure the background does not distract you from your subject. Eliminate unnecessary elements from your photograph if you want to create a masterpiece.
• Light and shadow: Light and shadow are the most vital aspects of black-and-white photographs. That’s why it’s so important to use them to your advantage. Take pictures during the different time of a day to understand the concept of light and shadow. Choose a setup that enhances as many positive factors as possible in a photograph. In general, side lighting often produces the most dramatic black and white photos.  Lighting with high can give your photo a third dimension.


• Shapes and textures are important: Because of its lack of colour, black-and-white photography relies greatly on shapes and lines to provide interest. Curves generally look interesting in black-and-white. Textures create a more visual impact in a photograph. Photos taken from different and unusual angles add more to a black and white photo.

• Pay attention to the perspective or viewpoint in your picture too, it will help your photos tell a story and grab more attention of the viewers.

Just remember these basic tips whenever you want to click a black and white photo. But, these tips are not applicable for black and white photos only, if chosen wisely the same concepts can also be used to improve your colour photos.

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