Tips to Colour Code your Closet

Tips to Colour Code your Closet

A clean closet is a must for me. I am really obsessed for organised stuff. One day while searching the net I came across few articles that stressed on organizing your closet according to colours.

The idea of colour coding my clothes never struck me before so I investigated more and found few good tips. Sharing them with you all, hope they will be of some help to you.

Tips to Colour Code your Closet:

• Start by dividing all your clothes in different categories like tops, pants, skirts, dresses, sport coats/blazers etc. Make a different pile of the items that do not fit into specific categories. Doing so will help you colour code your closet better.

• Carefully check everything and keep aside clothes that you can no longer wear.

• Now start placing them according to colours. Keep the same coloured tops or shirts on one side. Separate tops with long sleeves from tops with short sleeves. Arrange short-sleeved tops from left to right, starting with the lightest colour and ending with the darkest colour. Arrange long-sleeved tops in the same manner. Remember for any item that is multi-coloured, try to place it with the colour that the item shows the most.

• Hang pants, skirts, dresses, coats/blazers all your other clothes in the same manner. Dealing with one type of item at a time will keep your surroundings managed and clutter free.

• Some colours might confuse you when you are in a hurry, colours like navy blue and black look similar if you don’t watch closely. The best way to organize such colours is by dividing them with another colour like brown or grey. Such division will save you from the hassle of picking up the wrong colour when you are running out of time.

• Fold your sweaters and jackets and keep them on shelves to save space. Start by placing the darker colours at the bottom and going lighter as you move up.

• Now, as far as shoes are concerned you can arrange them too by grouping them. Keep your casual shoes and formal shoes apart so that you know which corner to reach when you need them.

• Organize sweaters and other accessories on shelving if your closet has shelves. Place folded sweaters on shelves, starting with the darker colours on the bottom of the pile.

The best thing about organizing stuff by colour is that you know what you need in future and what to avoid. Like, if you have an entire range of blue colour, then you know its time to try on a different colour. Remember, it may take a little time to get organized but will worth every minute spent in future.

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9 thoughts on “Tips to Colour Code your Closet

  1. Informative post.:)

    I try to do this every week by arranging every type separately but after two days it becomes a mess for me again. Thanks to me:)

  2. great post….I do this but in two-three weeks my closet looks a mess and I keep on pending the work for another 2-3 weeks…

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