Tips for Perfect Kajal Application Every Time

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We desi girls love our kajal! A swipe of kajal on the eyes, and dab of gloss on the lips, is still the most common go-to look of countless of Indian girls. In today’s post let’s talk about some tips and tricks for perfect and smudge free kajal application.

Tips for perfect kajal application every time

Know your kajal:

Cosmetic industry is inundated with variety of kajals, to suit different occasions. Look out for the words like smudge proof, long lasting, water resistant or water-proof. Also try to look out for kajals, that have nourishing ingredients and intense colour pigments.

Avoid glittery kajals:

Tips for perfect kajal application every time

Kajals that have shine or glittery should be avoided, as these little glitter particles can easily pass on to your eyes and could cause allergic reactions. No matter how good the brand is, stay away if you have got sensitive eyes.

Begin your kajal from outer corners:

If you start from inner corner of your eyes, then the tip of the kajal will become wet, and won’t get the desired intensity and pigmentation of kajal. So always begin applying it from the outer corners.

Don’t apply kajal in the inner corners:

If you have got small eyes and if you’re going to be lining yur upper lids too, then don’t apply kajal to the inner corners of your eyes, as it will make them look smaller in comparison.

Increase and intensify the pigmentation:

Tips for perfect kajal application every time

If you want jet black intensity from your kajal then just dip the tip of your kajal pencil into a gel liner pot, and then apply it to your waterline. This will ensure you get maximum colour pay off, and it will stay on long time.

Always start out clean:

Kajal can be difficult to clean off so make sure to remove every trace of previously applied kajal before you start anew. This will ensure a flawless application of kajal, minus the smudges. Also apply a bit of concealer on your under eye area, and blend to even out dark circles, as dark kajal can draw attention to them easily.

Bring on the Shadow:

Tips for perfect kajal application every time

If you really want to intensify the long-lasting effects of your kajal, then take the help of your eye shadows. Use a similar coloured eye shadow as your kajal, and dip a flat brush into it before applying it just below your inner lids. This will keep your kajal in place whole day long.

Always Be Prepared:

If your kajal still manage to smudge during the day, then keep some cotton swabs and facial tissues handy in your bag, for any kajal emergencies. Use them to fix your makeup crisis in a jiffy and to blot away any smudges.

Eye Makeup Using Kajal
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Lotus Herbals Royal Blue Colorkick Kajal
MAC Swamped Modern Twist Kajal Liner
MAC Grey Tide Modern Twist Kajal Liner
MAC Shoreline Modern Twist Kajal Liner
MAC Groundbreaker Modern Twist Kajal Liner


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  1. Hi,

    Please suggest a good kajal/liner for upper eye that doesn’t get smudge and even if it gets inside the eye, it should not harm.

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    Kusumita Khanna

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