Tips for Using Homemade Face Masks

Tips for Using Homemade Face Masks

All of us desire soft, smooth and beautiful skin and don’t leave a chance of experimenting with a DIY face mask recommended by anyone. Without giving it a second thought, we will just collect stuff and prepare the miracle concoction that will instantly beautify our skin. But, there are some tips that should be kept in mind before trying out any such recipe on your delicate facial skin. Let’s read on further to know about these in detail.
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• Know your Skin type: Always make sure that you are using the ingredients which are suitable for your skin type. Otherwise there is a fair chance that it will worsen the situation and spoil the balance of your skin rather than showing any positive results. Hence, it is always recommended to be sure of your skin type before applying any kind of face mask.

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Test for allergy: always make sure that you are testing any face pack you prepare even with simple kitchen ingredients on your arms or elbow area before applying it on the face. This ways, you will be sure of any reaction that will happen in due course of time.
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Always start on a clean face: It is recommended to start on a clean slate for maximum and fast results. Make sure that you clean your face thoroughly, tie your hair backwards and if possible remove your ear rings and or chain before applying the face pack. Like this you will be more comfortable and can ensure best results.
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• Use best quality fresh ingredients: Usually, DIY face packs require fresh ingredients from the kitchen, be it some seasonal fruit or vegetable, milk or some dry ingredient. Please try to use the best possible available as it would directly affect the results and bad or rotten ingredients might give you some rash or itching on the face. Always use clean mixing bowl, spoon and wash your hands properly before starting the procedure. Use clean and fresh towels to pat dry your face later.
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• Be extra careful around eye area: Usually, face masks should be avoided if you are experiencing acne or any rash on your face. But if the purpose of the mask is to cure such a problem then it has to be used anyways. Still, the skin around eyes is very sensitive; hence the eye area should be avoided. You can apply cucumber slices, or tea bags or cotton pads dipped in rose water while you have applied a face mask on rest of your face.
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• Follow the direction: Always try to apply the mask from the centre of the face then outward. Never neglect your neck or forehead. Apply in these areas also.

Adhere to the right timing: Never keep masks too long. Remove them after you are done with the recommended time. Keep it longer would not give extra effect rather it can give some negative results. Try to relax when you have put on the mask. Try not to talk on phone or watch telly. Instead cover your eyes and lie down for some me time.

• Remove the mask gently: Give soft and circular strokes while removing the mask. Rubbing it too hard might give you some irritation. Try to use tepid water for removing it fully and then pat it dry with a soft and clean towel.

Voila, you get an extra glowing refreshing skin with long lasting effects. Hope my tips were useful and you would try to follow them during your next DIY face mask session. 🙂

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  1. Thanks for the tips Shilpi….these are very useful tips, for example, applying for center of face and removing chain and earrings….. *woot*

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