10 Tips to Get Fresh and Glowing Skin in the Morning

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We all want to wake up with fresh, glowing skin in the morning. But often things go wrong and our face ends up looking dull and lifeless. Following these 10 simple tips will help you have a great beauty sleep in the night and your face will look super healthy and beautiful every morning.

10 Tips to Get Fresh Glowing Skin in the Morning

Clean Your Face before Bedtime

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It is very important to clean all makeup residue, dirt and oil before going to bed. On days when you feel too tired, at least use a makeup removal wipe or baby wipe to clean the face. It is often better to do a thorough cleansing process. It opens up the clogged pores, lets the skin breathe and thus the skin looks full of life in the morning.

Proper Skincare

Having a proper skin care routine at night is very important. Most potent skincare ingredients work better at night as many people are light sensitive and these products work better when you leave them overnight. Target your skin issue with antioxidant-rich serums or moisturizers. Take time to apply them properly on your skin. Once you get up in the morning, you will see how healthy your skin looks in the morning.

Sleep on Your Back

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Lying on your stomach while sleeping may look cool, but is not at all great for your skin. The entire weight of your head falls on the side of the face that squash on the pillow. This gives you a super wrinkled skin in the morning. Sleep on your back and your skin will be unaffected.

Silk Pillow Cover

Your beauty sleep will be more than perfect if you use silk pillow covers. As we tend to move a lot while sleeping, our skin rubs against the pillow cover fabric. Using silk helps you to avoid any harsh friction. This will eventually result in you waking up with soft, unaffected skin in the morning.

Pile Up the Pillows

woman pillows

When you lay flat on the back, the body fluids accumulate around the eye area and make them look puffy in the morning. You can easily avoid this by using 2 pillows to elevate the head while sleeping.

Sleep Early

Having a total of 8 hours of unaffected sleep is very important. Go to sleep as early as possible and keep your phone away. This will help you to have an undisturbed sleep and you will wake up with a fresh glow in the morning.

Wear the Hair in a Bun

bun hairstyle

You do not want your hair to rub against the skin while you sleep right. This is bad for your skin as well as for the hair. Tie it up in a high bun. This will keep your skin unaffected throughout the night and your hair will look super voluminous in the morning.

Avoid High Carb Dinner

If you want to have rice, pasta, noodles for dinner, have it before 6 pm, and otherwise stick to a protein rich, low carb dinner. Have soups, grilled meat/fish and vegetable salads for dinner. This will give you a chiselled face in the morning. When you eat too many carbs at night for dinner, You wake up with a puffy, swollen face. Follow this trick for a week and you will see the difference yourself.

Drink Water at Night

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It is okay to drink detox water before going to sleep, but also make sure to drink enough water. When you sleep for 7-8 hours, your body does not get enough water at that time. So make sure to drink enough water before going to bed to compensate for that. Also, if you wake up in-between your sleep, have a bottle of water at your bedside and sip some water. This will keep your skin hydrated and you will wake up with beautiful skin.

Take Care of Neck, Hand and Feet

It is not ok to have a glowing face and dull ankles, hand, feet and neck. Make sure to show them some love before going to bed. Apply creams and body butter at those areas too as they tend to get dry quickly. This will keep those areas soft and you will wake up with beautiful, soft body in the morning. Do not restrict the healthy glow to just your face. Your entire body deserves to look fresh in the morning.

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