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Khusbhoo B. Asks :

Hi IMBB readers,

Can you give me some tips to get glowing skin?

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19 thoughts on “Tips For Glowing Skin: Ask IMBB

  1. Nothing has worked better for me than OCM – oil cleansing method. I swear by it, and have never had any problems with it so far.
    Of course, it can ruin some people’s skin, so if it makes your skin bad (except for the initial purging, again, something I never had to go through), stop it right away. There is tons of info out there on this method, which oils to use etc.
    And of course, drink water. I now drink atleast 2.5 litres of water a day, and I can really see the difference in my overall health!
    I don’t exercise much these days, but I used to play basketball earlier and that kept me in shape (running rounds in a stadium does wonders for the body! 😛 ). So yeah, exercise too.
    And use the right products for your skin. If you find something that works, stick with it. For instance, I have found that Emolene cream works for my facial skin, and I rarely get zits for the past half a year at least 😀
    And I never use foundation or concealer. I’m not saying that makeup ruins your skin – it doesn’t, if used properly and taken off properly. But this is what I do, and I like my skin pretty much 😀
    Oh, and CASTOR OIL!!! If I see even the beginning of a zit, I smear copious amounts of castor oil on it and it’s gone in two days and with no scar left behind.

    1. castor oil for acne sounds good… i also check ths one!!!
      small cup of sprouted beans like chana, soyabeans, groundnut, pulses urad moong etc sprinkled with chat masala or peppr wth lots of a tomato n lime juice in morning works for me…i also add nariyal chutney if its there in the fridge!!! it cleanses system makes stomach full bcz of high fibre content n good for diet conscious ppl… has enough proteins to manage hair condition well.. ovrall a complete package for me… experiment everyday wth different dressin n enjoy

    2. wow.. I never really considered ocm before, thanks for mentioning, Samantha.. I will read up about it (:

  2. put cucumber n lemon slices in water and drink throughout the day… if you cant work out, at least walk half and hour. find the right products n stick to them instead of experimenting. do a mini-facial every week.

  3. I second Samantha on OCM. Grapeseed oil has worked for my combination skin. If done religiously it can do wonders for your skin.

    1. Even i didnt know about OCM..
      Just now read your post Somreeta, its very usefull!!! i will try it this weekend, how many times should i repeat the process of keeping the hot wash cloth on face, (after applying oil then hot wash cloth on face – this process)

      Samantha – Thanks for letting us know about OCM method 🙂

  4. Few tips that i have inherited from my mom..nd i must say she’s still has a better skin than me 😛

    1. As u wake, drink atleast 4 glasses of water(I thought it was difficult, but trust its quite comfortable to sip 4 glasses in the morning) before brushing…I know it sounds ewww…bt it works wonders. :))

    2. I too follow the OCM at night.

    3. Take any Vitamin Supplements as per the need like i use to take Vitamin C & Vitamin E, but now on Beta-carotene Supplements.

    4. I also take lots of Nimbu Paani during the day. If i have time, then Nariyal Pani as well.

    5. Having Sprouted Daals in the morning is another hit for my skin, hair & overall body.

    Hope this helps :))

  5. Thanks for the reminder. i went back to the earlier post and saw that I had replied even then that I would follow this process but i promptly forgot about it. I hope this time i remember it atleast.

  6. Get a mirror which will show your imperfections properly. You will hate it but it will help you work on the bad areas of your skin. Besides that, drink at least 2-3 litres of water, don’t even think of skipping the moisturiser, use a good night cream and exercise for at least half an hour daily. Also, half a lemon squeezed in a glass full of warm water every morning is great too. Eat lots of raw fruit and vegetables, particularly the brightly coloured ones like plums, jamuns and carrots. If you like juice, make sure it’s pulpy. And a very thorough skin care regime doesn’t help either. Try to stick to the same products if they suit you and where you can, go for home remedies instead of chemical-ridden market products.

      1. well said Jw. Out of all of the above if I had to make one change it would be that Exercise routine. rest of it just falls into place. You start getting better with your diet, the stamina improves, hence the productivity and the overall well being automatically reflects on the face.

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