14 Tips To Have a Happy and Successful Marriage

It is definitely so much fun when the wedding bells ring and it is all about those grand celebrations when you look deep into his eyes and feel that this is the best moment of the life! But marriages are never a cake walk, it takes a lot of effort and dedication to make it work. Well, to avoid a bumpy, roller-coaster ride, we share a few tips that many couples follow to have a happy marriage.

1. It is okay to argue, but listen too: It is not that happy couples do not argue, argument is healthy for every relationship to hear each other’s point of view. But the situation might get out of control, when you put up a fight just to say something back and not listen to the other person. Communicate and come out to a healthy conclusion rather than ending up not talking for 2 days.

2. Fix a Date Day: Couples spend each and every minute when they are on the initial stage of dating, but later, they stop spending time together or going out. Fix a day in the week and keep those 1-2 only for yourself to go out together; only you and him.

3. Laugh together: Happy couples laugh together! If you have that depressed or frowned vibe around you all the time, then trust me, there will not be any happy moments no matter how much you try. Send funny messages, crack jokes just like you crack it with your friends, watch your favourite comedy shows together and you will surely get a happy night’s sleep.

4. Say 3 Golden Words: It is a good idea to say “I Love You” to your partner every once in a while. What we meant are the there 3 golden words that couples forget to tell each other. It can be “I am sorry”, “Can I help?”, “I am there” and we are sure it will create a lot of positivity and bloom of love.

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5. Kids are to mend, not to break: Many people say that kids bring you closer, but for some couples, they just grow apart. We all may have unconditional love for the kids, but that does not mean that you cut down and take a part of it from your husband’s love. Pay attention to your partner as much as you do to the kid. Arguments related to upbringing of kids, their interests, their education are common, but do not let it tear you apart.

6. Keep your love like in your 20s: After a few years of marriages, the relationship and the intimacy might get boring, but that is the one of the keys to any relationship, so do spend those romantic nights with your partner. Play those adult games and it will add a lot of spice!

7. Never break the trust and loyalty: It is easy to get diverted when the other partner does not pay attention to you, but that doesn’t mean that you have the right to cheat. Sit with your partner, discuss about the things that is coming in between you and what you are not happy with. Communication is the key.

8. Discuss your finances: “When money matters in a marriage, love goes out of the window!”. Money matters can always get worse. Ask your partner if he/she is facing some money issues and if you can help. Also, there might be fights when you end up spending more and he might not enough supply. More than the desires, show some love towards your partner and the love will be sacred forever. Also, if you both are working; split the expenses and take care of them.

9. Take care of your appearance: In a new relationship, there is always a lot of infatuation because you use to spend 30 minutes in front of the mirror getting ready for your partner, but after marriage, you do not even find 2 minutes to groom yourself? Dress up, groom well and remind your partner that you still have it.

10. Learn to accept and adjust: Marriage might seem like a fairy-tale but it is not always! Always being adamant and stubborn will nothing but ruin your relationship. Learn to adjust; compromise and adapt to the change to be happy and let you partner love you the same way.

11. Mind your words: Things once said cannot be taken back! Mind your words, breathe a little before you burst out because in anger you might blow out things that you would later regret. Never be abusive in your relationship.

12. Do activities, play games together: Bring out the kid in you and you will know how positive it is for your relationship. Do sports activities together like go on marathons, go for walks in the parks do cycling and more!

13. Be good with his family: You both might have a great relationship, but not having great relationship with his family is something that might be a concern of worry. Adapt to their habits, d not change your-self but try and adjust. Speak nicely. Treat them like your parents even if they don’t. Be nice and that will become a habit.

14. Compliment each other: This is one thing that both women and men love – compliments! Compliment each other for the looks, for the things they have done, for their great qualities and more!

Not every marriage is the same, so do not compare it with others. Try these tips for a happy marriage that will surely bring some change and more love!


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