Few Tips to Keep Skin Supple in Winters

Few Tips to Keep Skin Supple in Winters

This is my favorite time of the year with the festive season and the awesome cool climate. Even though winter season has not really arrived in Mumbai, dry winters are almost here and those with dry skin like me need to take extra care of our skin, hair and nails to keep it from getting super drier. Good skin is a reflection of good health. Apart from including various creams and lotions in our winter regime, it’s important that we nourish our body from within too. Here are a few tips I have compiled –included a few dietary tips as well which help during winters to prevent our skin from bearing the brunt of the dry weather.

Few Tips to Keep Skin Supple in Winters

Include nuts and dry fruits in your daily diet. Make sure you eat a handful of nuts each day to nourish your skin from within. Nuts are a rich source of Vitamin E and antioxidants which help keep your skin supple and maintain overall health.

Have you noticed; those of us who eat fish on a regular basis have such gorgeous and supple skin? Fishes are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids which moisturize the hair, skin nails from within, making them glow with health. If you don’t eat fish, but still don’t mind consuming fish oil capsules, go for it. Believe me it does wonders for your skin, hair and nail health. There are a lot of fish oil supplements available in the market. Ask your dermatologist/doctor which one would suit you the best.

Those of you who are strict vegetarians and do not like to take fish capsules as well, don’t lose heart. There is an option for you as well. Make sure you include flax seed or flax seed supplements in your diet. Flax seed is also rich in Omega 3 fatty acids.

Unless your doctor or dietician had specifically asked you to refrain, make it a point to include ghee and/or healthy oils like rice bran or olive oil in your cooking. These contain essential fats which help in maintaining skin and hair moisture from within. Of course, do not overdo it. Moderation is the key.

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Few Tipsto Keep Skin Supple in Winters

Most of us do not consume enough fluids in winters as we seldom feel thirsty. However, winters strip our body of water and it becomes imperative that we consume a lot of fluids to keep the water content in our body at an optimum level. Keep sipping on warm or hot water throughout the day. Invest in a nice electric kettle if you must. That way you don’t have to run to the kitchen each time you want a drink of hot water. A lot of us crave for hot tea or coffee during winters. Avoid drinking too much of tea or coffee. Instead opt for hot soups, broths or milk.

Avoid long hot showers. Tempting as it is, hot showers strip our skin of moisture. Opt for quick showers, with moderately hot water instead. Also skip your usual shower gels/soaps which may strip your skin of moisture. Go for ones which are specifically made for winter to maintain skin moisture.

Don’t wash your face and hands too often. But whenever you do, use warm water with a very gentle hydrating facewash/handwash with moisturizing content in them. Follow up with moisturizer immediately. Also, make sure that the toner that you use for your face does not contain alcohol, since alcohol is known to further dry out your skin.


To avoid rough elbows and knees, if you find petroleum jelly too greasy, slather on baby creams which are non-greasy on your knees and elbows. Just like these creams protects baby’s knees from getting rough and dry when they crawl, they would protect our elbows and knees too.

There is a myth that you can avoid using sunscreen in winters. Even in winters, using sunscreen when outdoors is a must to prevent skin damage from UV rays. Use face creams and body lotions with SPF content during the day.

These are all I could think of. Do share what you do differently in winters to keep your skin supple.

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