7 Tips to Look your Best While Traveling During Summers

Summer vacations are just around the corner and you must be excited about packing your bags, trying out new clothes, and making elaborate plans to explore a new destination or delighted at the prospect of visiting family and friends. It’s an exciting time to visit new places, but wherever you go, be it beaches or hills, your skin needs to be taken care of, especially if you are making every effort to look good and your best. So, helping you out in that direction, we have listed out some tips to look your best while traveling.

Tips to Look your Best While Traveling During Summers

1. Pack your Sunscreen First: A sunscreen is a must-have skincare product – whether you are hitting the beach or visiting a cold location such as hill station. A broad spectrum high protection and waterproof sunscreen is a must in summers. It helps in shielding your skin against harmful UV rays, preventing tanning, sunburn, and most importantly hyperpigmentation. It’s also essential to reapply the sunscreen every two-three hours to continuously protect your skin. If you are visiting a beach, waterproof sunscreen would keep your skin safe without the fear of water or sweat washing it off very soon. For good sunscreens, do check out this list of “10 Best Fragrance Free Sunscreens in India.”

2. Prime your Makeup: It’s a good idea to invest in a foolproof primer in summers, even if you are not going on a vacation because a primer provides an even canvas to work with. It prevents your makeup from melting and helps in building flawless makeup. So, whether it is day or night, light or heavy makeup, prime your face and neck before proceeding to the next makeup steps.

3. Keep Blotting Papers Handy: Even women with dry skin tend to get a shine around their T-zone and forehead area after a few hours during summers, more so while travelling. Humidity and sun exposure take a toll even on the best makeup quality, so keep blotting tissues handy. Blot the excess oil, and your skin is set for some more time. Also, blot your face before clicking pictures to avoid looking greasy.

4. Keep a Facial Mist Always in your Bag: The intense heat can make your face dull and lifeless, and that’s why spritzing on a hydrating mist would instantly freshen up your skin. Just spray it to add a boost of moisture to dehydrated skin in summers. Even plain old rose water in a spritzer bottle can make your face look fresh and radiant instantly.

5. Carry Multi-Tasking Products: Travel light but do travel with the right kind of products. While packing, it’s advisable not to carry a bulk of products. Instead, opt for travel kits and multi-tasking products. A makeup remover that would double up as a toner, deep cleansing face wash, brightening mask that also acts as a pore refiner – these are just examples of multi-tasking products. As we have mentioned above, plain rose water can be used as a toner, a facial mist, and also in DIY face masks.

6. Wet Wipes are your Travel Mate: Take your pick from the amazing variety of wet wipes available from sunscreen wipes to toning wipes. Wipe off the grime, makeup and traces of pollution and help your skin breathe freely during travelling. Also, wet wipes are extremely useful while touching up your makeup, like liquid lipsticks, etc.

7. Remove All Traces of Makeup Before Hitting the Bed: We agree you may feel too exhausted to take off all the makeup and grime off your face, but make no mistake, if you want to come back home with the “post-holiday glow,” you must absolutely make sure the pores are not clogged and you are sleeping with a clean face at night.

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